Message from Athena Marie in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-06-13 16:20:06 UTC  

Soliciting War Bride of Sacco to take pics usually doesn't end well my friend

2017-06-13 16:20:10 UTC  

@Athena Marie has a niquab or however the hajiis spell that

2017-06-13 16:20:31 UTC  

I'm literally saying it should be in a burka so we CAN'T see you

2017-06-13 16:20:53 UTC  

maybe I should just stop talking.

2017-06-13 16:21:03 UTC  

say it

2017-06-13 16:21:03 UTC  

I don't really feel like being skullfucked

2017-06-13 16:21:06 UTC  

say the magic word

2017-06-13 16:21:33 UTC  

slug, shes incapable of passing a message along, what makes you think she could operate a camera

2017-06-13 16:21:53 UTC  

what are you talking about?

2017-06-13 16:21:55 UTC  

shit cunt

2017-06-13 16:21:55 UTC  

I took @Parriah on a degeneracy sight seeing tour and she had to put on a burka to keep the eyes of diversity off her. I told her I felt like I was walking around with a $50k gold chain on my neck.

2017-06-13 16:22:21 UTC  

she actually just wrapped a scarf around her head

2017-06-13 16:22:35 UTC  

Memes aside. I do feel better in a scarf. Nogs aren't as aggressive

2017-06-13 16:22:59 UTC  

I'm not joking

2017-06-13 16:23:13 UTC  

K I'm gonna go shower then leave for work

2017-06-13 16:23:20 UTC  

she has long pretty blonde hair and all the diversity was eyefucking her

2017-06-13 16:23:23 UTC  

have a great day goys

2017-06-13 16:23:25 UTC  

i wanted a MOAB to drop TBH

2017-06-13 16:23:31 UTC  

later sluggo

2017-06-13 16:24:30 UTC  

@Athena Marie she wanted to go tranny spotting, so we had to walk down to hell

2017-06-13 16:24:46 UTC  

You let her make decisions?

2017-06-13 16:25:04 UTC  

I make considerations

2017-06-13 16:25:10 UTC  

Fair enough

2017-06-13 16:25:13 UTC  

if wife of sacco doesn't stop white shariah posting i may need to join the marines

2017-06-13 16:25:23 UTC  

i require a white shariah promoting wife

2017-06-13 16:25:27 UTC  

lol, i think that would be seen as a win convo

2017-06-13 16:25:27 UTC  

Join the space marines!

2017-06-13 16:26:20 UTC  

@Athena Marie we only went to the tranny hooker blocks, I didn't take her into the real degeneracy

2017-06-13 16:27:19 UTC  

That's funny

2017-06-13 16:27:29 UTC  

it's funny once

2017-06-13 16:27:39 UTC  

it's hell to exist in

2017-06-13 16:29:13 UTC  

we saw 1 with so much cleavage showing on absurdly huge fake boobs its nipples were visible

2017-06-13 16:29:38 UTC  


2017-06-13 16:29:43 UTC  


2017-06-13 16:29:56 UTC  

like i said, it's a hell of an existence, I'll be gone soon

2017-06-13 16:30:43 UTC  
2017-06-13 16:51:59 UTC  

le edgy kike

2017-06-13 16:52:06 UTC  

those are the worst

2017-06-13 16:54:27 UTC  

worst is that he's posting from the heartland, those poor naive souls probably like this creature

2017-06-13 16:57:58 UTC