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Bad PR tbh

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Just putting it out there

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Pinochet was Chilean

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richard spencer did nothing wrong

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But yeah. We should start making memes in that direction.

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@YWMaga It doesn't matter. We can go out to the public as Nazis even if some folks here are NatSoc

2017-02-08 00:26:57 UTC  

The whole, 70 years of commie punching.

2017-02-08 00:27:06 UTC  

Richard spencer has the tact and sophistication of a goon

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richard spencer isnt a nazi but i understand what you mean

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Dicky Spence is probably an FBI plant 2bh

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let's all immediately latch ourselves onto his "brand"

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literally everyone outside of 4chan thinks he is though

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Don't trust him

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as for the punching nazis thing

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showing how antifa think 60 year old women in Maga hats are nazis is a good angle on it

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"nazi vision"

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"Punch a commie!"

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With silver age super heroes

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Maybe Iron man

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Iron Man's original story was kidnapping by commies

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>given small loan of a million dollars that he turned into billions

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@YWMaga He might not be a "nazi" but he identifies as a "white nationalist". Normies automatically will assume he is a racist and if they see us supporting them, they will think we are racists too

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here it os

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>kidnapped by muslims and then comes back and slaughters them

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you can get the everyday person to associate antifa's "WE PUNCH NAZIS, ITS OKAY THATS COOL RIGHT" with "those delusional fucks think everyone is a Nazi.. my aunt Ethel wears a MAGA cap sometimes.. they would punch her seeing a nazi"

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>protects America

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Trump = Iron Man

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tfw standing on my feet for eight hours dealing with normies and now I have to do normie things later

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i know but im also a white nationalist but i undertsand that this isnt a white nationalist movement

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feels bad man

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@E4S1911-MN we saw it the first time spamming it slides the chat, no slide pls

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that's why Epstein had his own dentists chair in his house

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you say weird shit when you're under anaesthesia