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2019-06-07 00:08:27 UTC  

@B0rGs1o54 does it have to be religious music or can it be secular

2019-06-07 00:08:53 UTC  

i see the doom soundtrack posted in here and I presume that's not religious music.

2019-06-07 00:10:54 UTC  

@Spew-spew-spew It can be secular music

2019-06-07 00:11:03 UTC  

Literally above you is rhodesian music

2019-06-07 00:11:58 UTC  

cool & good

2019-06-07 00:12:11 UTC  

@B0rGs1o54 can i send you a song i think you might enjoy?

2019-06-07 00:25:39 UTC  
2019-06-07 00:26:13 UTC  

the brothers four is one of my favorite bands

2019-06-07 00:26:20 UTC  

they might literally be the most underrated band ever

2019-06-07 00:26:30 UTC  

this is a cover song they did, but they do original songs too

2019-06-07 00:26:39 UTC  

their original songs and covers are always just perfection

2019-06-07 00:26:41 UTC  

Il check the mout

2019-06-07 00:26:45 UTC  

and their covers are always better than the original

2019-06-07 00:28:44 UTC  

they primarily do very soft, pretty, melodic, but also melancholy songs

2019-06-07 00:29:11 UTC  

This is a good song

2019-06-07 00:29:34 UTC  

yes i love this song

2019-06-07 00:29:54 UTC  

it is one of my favorite songs of all time from any artist

2019-06-07 00:34:53 UTC  

it's very unfortunate that basically no one has heard of the brothers four

2019-06-07 00:42:28 UTC  


2019-06-07 00:42:35 UTC  

Obscure bands often produce very good msuci

2019-06-08 02:44:31 UTC

2019-06-08 02:44:37 UTC  

based irish song

2019-06-08 13:42:51 UTC  


2019-06-08 16:42:59 UTC  

Fleetwood Mac is really good

2019-06-10 17:07:09 UTC