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2019-05-22 10:33:21 UTC  

Read everyday

2019-05-22 10:34:35 UTC  

Remember to stay hydrated

2019-06-05 06:32:39 UTC  

do you guys weight lift or just do calisthenics and cardio?

2019-06-05 06:34:22 UTC  

Mainly Cardio @Chris Handsome

2019-06-05 06:34:31 UTC  

I do pullups and push ups sometimes

2019-06-05 06:34:58 UTC  

I like to get a mix of all

2019-06-05 06:35:14 UTC  

I like riding my bike

2019-06-05 06:35:31 UTC  

i lift to get stronger but don’t want to be an absolute lunk so i try to do cardio

2019-06-05 06:35:49 UTC  

calisthenics is also very good for flexibility

2019-06-05 06:36:08 UTC  

I like to do stretching

2019-06-05 06:36:13 UTC  

I do martial arts training twice a week

2019-06-05 06:36:51 UTC  

as much as people make fun of yoga I greatly enjoy it

2019-06-05 06:37:09 UTC  

Yoga is gay new age stuff

2019-06-05 06:38:18 UTC  

very true I don’t do it often but my school has it sometimes and I would go before wrestling practice

2019-06-05 06:38:30 UTC  

We have to do mindfulness

2019-06-05 06:38:33 UTC  

Its pretty gay

2019-06-05 06:38:35 UTC  

So i just sit there

2019-06-05 06:38:56 UTC  

At School

2019-06-12 07:50:50 UTC

2019-06-12 07:51:38 UTC  

Tfw mum buys me burger and fast food 2 times in a row

2019-06-12 07:52:07 UTC  


2019-06-12 07:52:18 UTC  


2019-06-12 07:52:41 UTC  

My general diet is ok tho

2019-06-12 07:52:58 UTC  

I tend to limit myself from anything fast food

2019-06-12 07:53:07 UTC  

Yeah me too

2019-06-12 07:53:10 UTC  

I usaully dont eat fast food

2019-06-12 07:53:26 UTC  

If my parents take me to a fast food place i usaully go to subway

2019-06-12 07:54:26 UTC  

theres a subway nearby my area and theres these crackheads that would argue and overreact to the slightest of things

2019-06-13 04:58:42 UTC  

bruh subway and DQ are everywhere

2019-06-13 04:58:58 UTC  

its crazy how even the most rural towns have at least one