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Norwegien King

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Since the 7th century, the Mohammedans had little else but the blood of their conquests, taking up after their vitriolic and heartless pedophile “Prophet.” Their times of harmony were but a temporal facade. Through their cultish grip on their adherents, their promises of a carnal afterlife paradise full of sex slaves with swollen breasts and servant boys, where all man knows is sensuality, but never eternality- they have, millions of millions of men, women and children are claimed under their banner, all the while lying that they have claimed people by peace, by word rather than sword.
There is only one truth to what Islamic heaven offers- and that is detachment from the One True God, which is to say it offers Hell.
The Muslims may undermine the work of the Holy Prophets, slander the Apostles and their disciples, they may mock our Lady Theotokos, deny the Crucifixion all they want, sacrilege our customs and Holy Sacraments and hurt our brothers and sisters- but they can never take away the fact that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the One Who barged into their sickly realm and pulled humanity out of that very Hell their barbaric false shepherd leads them into!

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The church must be converted RCC or prot church

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they allow after birth abortion there

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Abort your children at 3 years old! @Deleted User

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They are not even fully formed so its not murder!

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How does this make you feel borgboi

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Awesome pictures

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gypsy retards stole copper drainage pipe at my church

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nigga deadass

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Beautiful Choir