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How did that nigga get here? @Deleted User

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its an image editor bot

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This is not an icon, this plate (fumie) was used by the Japanese, but not for worship, but quite the opposite.
Metal plates with Christ or the Virgin Mary served as a kind of lie detector: they were used to identify Christians in the 17th and 19th centuries. Suspects were asked to stand on the image. If they refused, they supplemented the list of martyrs for their faith. Some tried to cheat by putting their feet on the edge, so the lower side, as a rule, was worn out stronger. The plates were called Fumie "Pictures for the attack." At first, such anti-ritual accessories were ordered in Europe, but then they began to make local copies. As a result of persecution, Christianity, which almost became the main religion in Japan in the 16th century, was forced to go underground and no longer played a significant role in the history of the country.

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@Deleted User New Albanian Tank

2019-05-29 10:31:07 UTC  

Pretty impressive dont ya think

2019-05-29 10:31:25 UTC  

Le 35% Anatolian tank

2019-05-29 10:31:46 UTC  

55% roach

2019-05-29 10:32:08 UTC  

Miracle of albanian engineering

2019-05-29 10:32:15 UTC  

100 Albanian 😎

2019-05-29 10:33:22 UTC  

Le 1/2938 illyrian turk

2019-05-29 10:33:48 UTC  

0.1% Illyrian

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My morning has been shit

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I woke up late and its cold

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it is me maxmoefoe

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ban <@227812076226215936>

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Piss off @maxmoefoe

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I banned him

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He was acting like a nigger

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Also he has no pfp

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the other guy sent furry gore porn

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Did you delete it? @Deleted User

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Oh man

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i'm wishing a special happy #Pride2019 to my two dads, they raised me better than any straight couple ever could have! i love you guys #PrideMonth #Pride

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Time to trigger some fags

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on 3kiksphillips discord server

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Ima be real with you guys real quick.

Hear me out..

Our ancestors really fucked up by slithering out of the ocean like a bunch of lizards. Our smart brotha's, and I'm looking at you Mr. Dolphin and Mrs. Whale, stayed in the ocean where we belong. They ain't never felt what it's like walkin' around on 2 feet with our dusty ass mouths.

I want to slither right back into that primordial soup where I belong. Ain't no water bottles needed in the motherfuckin' ocean.

That's all.