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Homosexual men are more likely to have been abused by their partners than straight men. Source:
Monogamy is not a central feature of most homosexual relationships. Source:
Married homosexual men are 50% more likely than straight couples to divorce. Source:
In the Netherlands, the average homosexual in a “steady relationship” has seven to eight affairs per year. Source:
Over 20% of older homosexuals have had more than 500 different sex partners. Source:
The average gay man has several dozen sex partners per year. Source:
28% of homosexuals have had sex with over a thousand men. For straight men? Just 25% have had sex with more than 10 women. Source:
Most “long term relationships” between gay men last less than eight years. Source:
Among gay Canadian men in “committed relationships, only 25% were monogamous. Source:
In one study, only 9% of gay men were monogamous. Source:
75% of straight men an are faithful, compared to just 4.5% of gay men. Source:
In Berlin, 83% of gay men in “steady” relationships had had frequent affairs in the last year. Source:
Infection rates for gonorrhea and chlamydia are increasing among active homosexual men. Source: @everyone

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@everyone use this link

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@everyone i am combining <#520764928559415301> into the <#518646850585362446> Channel

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@everyone We need more niggas spread this server

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@everyone New Emotes
<:yess:576706279393722378> <:YES:576706352827727883> <:Woah:568245065764569118> <:PepoPizza:576706427553316864> <:pepoo:576706221352943626> <:nerd:576706297353863168> <:Mohammed:576706403482206219> <:KingCoffee:576706507576442911> <:King2:576706481441996810> <:King:576706453843476480> <:boxer:576706328362483723> <:bin:576706256996139018>

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@everyone new rule No raiding or inciting raids because its against the Tos

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@everyone <:Church:578816227158523905>

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@everyone i made the read first tab look a bit cooler

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@everyone im gonna start giving people cool roles so @ me to request roles

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@everyone i'm wishing a special happy #Pride2019 to my two dads, they raised me better than any straight couple ever could have! i love you guys #PrideMonth #Pride

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@everyone we need to invite more people to the server bring in fresh blood!

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A lot of people are inactive

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@everyone also sidenote No women are permitted here. To avoid any impropriety or scandal as this is a mens Christian/traditionalist Discord

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@everyone Bird Posting goes into <#518646850585362446>

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@everyone Add me on steam just incase the server gets wiped

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Perm link

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@everyone No Chinese

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@everyone Pol Pot

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@everyone apparently there is a woman on this server Shill shill shill!!!!!!

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According to my friend

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@everyone Invite more niggas we need more active users

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@everyone Hello

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