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@Alex - LA fucken a

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@comcast danke

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Gay Guy: im gay, i dont like girls
Liberals: wow, anyone trying to change you is fuckin nuts

Straight Guy: im straight, i dont like dicks
Also Liberals: ok man thats pretty ignorant

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Force the fags to the middle East

2017-07-03 05:11:37 UTC  

too expensive

2017-07-03 05:11:45 UTC  

just stop subsidizing aids care

2017-07-03 05:19:55 UTC  

@DrDude PhD There's a question on the dating site OkCupid that goes like... Would you ever have a same sex relationship? You'd be amazed how many girls set their profiles to hold it against you if you said you'd never do that.

2017-07-03 05:19:59 UTC  

Or maybe you wouldn't.

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I bet all of those same girls would actually never trust you if you were a cocksucker.

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What's up with all these people in voice chat I don't recognize? I only recognize @Zorost

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u got a problem

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you have been visited by retro  richard. Type "All I ever wanted" in chat or you will be cursed with black neighbors the rest of your life.

2017-07-03 05:29:33 UTC  

I like how the ADL gets nice clear closeups of our fliers to show everyone

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Enemy kvetching is one of the greatest amplifiers of our message

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Someone drew you as Jesus

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"My house is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." They have horsewhips on Amazon, I believe.

2017-07-03 06:26:19 UTC  

New Alex Jones lulz and chic tract are epic

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Wall buildionaire...sick name

2017-07-03 06:49:57 UTC  

@SwiFT dude I have been non-stop listening to the cranberries for the past month and god damn their new album where they did a bunch of unplugged versions of their hits is just SO fucking incredible.

2017-07-03 06:50:11 UTC  

god I have such a huge crush on her voice HNNNNG

2017-07-03 06:50:47 UTC  

@SetTheNemesis thanks my dude I thought it was pretty funny. Feel free to look me up and follow me on Twitter, I'm under the same name. Don't tweet much tho.

2017-07-03 06:53:56 UTC  

I haven't tweeted or been on discord I'm a month or so.

2017-07-03 06:54:06 UTC  

Its nice to take a break

2017-07-03 06:55:43 UTC  

What would you guys say is the biggest thing to happen in the alt-right/ pro white world lately? I want to catch up asap

2017-07-03 06:58:58 UTC  

Ahh doesn't matter I guess

2017-07-03 07:04:36 UTC  

Getting ready for Charlottesville 2.0