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2017-07-05 03:48:24 UTC  

and got a house in nicest area in nash but he legit did do well in scholl etc

2017-07-05 03:48:37 UTC  

he is red pilled but he just didnt pump internships like he needed to

2017-07-05 03:48:48 UTC  

not a cuck but was complacent

2017-07-05 03:48:56 UTC  

and yes I fucked many a Buckhead THOT, his sister included lMAO

2017-07-05 03:49:06 UTC  

I've been doxed pretty hard nationally and I'm ok

2017-07-05 03:49:17 UTC  

I've got a career already planned

2017-07-05 03:49:30 UTC  

could of banged his mom too who is super milf but relented since he is a good buddy

2017-07-05 03:49:35 UTC  

Not that hard tbh if you havec what it takes

2017-07-05 03:49:52 UTC  

he needs to be a banking lawyer etc

2017-07-05 03:50:03 UTC  

he wouldnt be good litigator he isnt as big of a prick as I am

2017-07-05 03:50:24 UTC  

You wouldn't be good either if you're a prick

2017-07-05 03:50:43 UTC  

How many trials have you been a part of

2017-07-05 03:50:57 UTC  

you need stones to be a litigator, not overly the top like anything in life

2017-07-05 03:51:03 UTC  

but you cant lay down,

2017-07-05 03:51:09 UTC  

pick your avenues of approach

2017-07-05 03:51:16 UTC  

Sure, but that's not being a prick

2017-07-05 03:51:29 UTC  

true but definition of that is subjective these days

2017-07-05 03:51:36 UTC  

this guy doesnt have stones to do it I dont think

2017-07-05 03:51:39 UTC  

too academic

2017-07-05 03:51:43 UTC  

needs to be transactional law

2017-07-05 03:51:48 UTC  

My dad has tried over 800 cases in the state and won a good majority

2017-07-05 03:51:59 UTC  

I've watched a lot of them growing up

2017-07-05 03:52:17 UTC  

no one in my fam has been a lawter

2017-07-05 03:52:19 UTC  


2017-07-05 03:52:25 UTC  

mostly CEOs, some medical types

2017-07-05 03:52:29 UTC  

general officers etc

2017-07-05 03:52:43 UTC  

we all do mil prior to business and most retire as colonel or above and all are rangers

2017-07-05 03:52:46 UTC  

40 year career, its easy. I've been a performer for a while so I'm also aware of what people respond to

2017-07-05 03:52:50 UTC  


2017-07-05 03:53:05 UTC  

I come from a family of fuckups

2017-07-05 03:53:06 UTC  

the replies are great

2017-07-05 03:53:13 UTC  

just been around law for like 2BN busines deal

2017-07-05 03:53:15 UTC  


2017-07-05 03:53:35 UTC  

I really appreciate the legal mindset and took some courses but doing grad school for biz

2017-07-05 03:53:51 UTC  

I really wish in another life I had done law and or Ag Business undergrad

2017-07-05 03:54:02 UTC  

It's not for most, honestly law is for crazy people

2017-07-05 03:54:32 UTC  

idgaf about the people i appreciate the legal nuance to it so maybe I would be best at either business law, oil or constitutional law

2017-07-05 03:54:44 UTC  

I appreciate law no doubt and I use them in my own life

2017-07-05 03:54:51 UTC  

but in reality, that ship has sailed

2017-07-05 03:54:56 UTC  

but I get lawyers are a dime a dozen