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It should also be noted that Jared Cohen has a friendly and personal relation with the boss of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, a connection Cohen used for his operations against the government of Iran. The article "Google to open 'Google Ideas' global technology think tank" in Fortune (August 15, 2010) tells the story (underlines below added by Radio Islam):

Cohen who has traveled widely in the Middle East, was tracking developments on the ground by following the English and translated Farsi postings of Iranian dissidents and opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi on Twitter. Their protests about fraud in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election, and the violent government crackdown that followed it, were flying to the outside world in 140-character-or-less bursts of comment.

Cohen read that the microblogging service was about to shut down its operations for maintenance. Although the shutdown would be routine and brief (and in the middle of the night in U.S. time zones), the prospect chilled the dissidents’ leaders. Because the government was blocking cell phone texting, Twitter had become a lifeline. The protests were reaching a crescendo: What might happen if Twitter went silent in the middle of a turbulent day?

So Cohen emailed his friend Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and chairman. Dorsey had been part of a Silicon Valley delegation that Cohen had led to the Middle East earlier that spring to explore prospects for rebuilding Iraq. In a series of emails, Cohen asked Dorsey if the company was aware of the suddenly prominent role that it was playing on the international stage.

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I like how the Trump/Putin meeting went way longer than expected and resulted in a cease fire agreement, and the media still tries to paint it as a disaster of somesort. The commentary I was seeing on the news about the meeting was mind boggling.

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eternal Alpha Logan Paul for President

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there is only one realm and it is eternal

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antarctica is australian clay

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AQ is the ancestral home of whiteness

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is antarctica the place yakub made the white man?

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From a youtube conversation I'm having right now (yeah, it started under an anime video, but so what):

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CoreyStudios20002 weeks ago (edited)
Hold it! Marley is more like Nazi Germany than Eldia. Eldia is better off as a mix between Trump's America (walls, superstition), Israel (Exile, history of being persecuted) and the medival era Europe (superstition, fear of foreign cultures, feudalism)

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Gusphase b1 hour ago
This is the same tired "jewish nationalism is good while all other nationalism is bad" line. Jews have a history of being persecuted, because they have a history of subversiveness. What "superstition" exists in "trump's america?" You use that word "superstition" in a strange way. Jews are full of superstition. Have you seen the commercial for the kosher light switch?

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are there any latitudes at which antarctica isn't bombarded by solar radiation

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CoreyStudios200015 minutes ago
Trump has members in his administration who are youg-earth creationists, a position held by Evangelical Protestants, the same group who worship snakes and speak gibberish in a ritualistic manner. That shit is ungodly and barbaric

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Gushpase B Well, again, everyone has their superstitions. Jews have a ton. There is a transparent wire around manhattan that allows jews to walk outside on shabbas, for fuck's sake. Why are jews not "superstitious" in your analysis, (((CoreyStudios2000)))? What about all of the people in hillary's administration that would be muslims? Do they not count as "superstitious?"

I also know a lot of evangelical protestants that are not "young earth creationists."

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This makes a total of 26 kikes now arrested for tax and welfare fraud in Lakewood NJ

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