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I use it to keep labor rates high for my toilet

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@Billy Ray Jenkins I'm sure they were drafted. Only time Jews are properly demographically represented in the military is during a draft.

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@Billy Ray Jenkins The Confederate flag becoming the meme it is today comes from Southern people embracing it when the Federal government started to oppress them with Civil Rights laws in the 1950's and 60's

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click the [35]

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I wasnt

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lol is that the one that sang in court?

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he a gud boah he so gud wit sayngin

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there has been more than one of those, its incredible.

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yaawnah my claynt gon sayng u som truuf

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Can a public defender get in trouble if they purposefully do shitty on a case? How could you even prove that?

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We gon get sangin judges

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only if they give wrong advice etc

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every lawyer has to provide the best defense for their client regardless of their own feelings

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How can you prove if they did or didn't?

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hmmm, I suppose evidence couild be transcript of the defense lawyer saying "fuck this nigger im not arguing shit for him"

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(referring to his client)

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So you would need extremely obvious evidence it seems like

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New meaning to sing sing

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i mean that's just one example.

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If I was a public defender I'd have a hard time not sand bagging every case where it's clear the black is guilty

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*changes career path*

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"There are a lot of serial killers that are honorable soldiers" ....what is that even an argument for?

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That's absurd.

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What did Evan do? LOLOL

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go evan