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which is good as this whole sphere will become business leaders within our generation and will be able to weaponize generation Z

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tfw going to a public school in new england and gen z isnt redpilled here

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yeah I did some school in NE wew

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here is a dox, I went to phillips exeter for part of my life

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oddly enough jews are kind of semi not welcome there too as its a big wasp group

2017-07-21 00:58:50 UTC  

I think there was 1 in my class?

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problem is at a macro level wasps were subverted, they were not willing to fight to keep the keys to the kingdom

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well in rural vermont people dont even know what a nigger is

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they just know their one sudanese chef at the taco truck

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yeah well neither does minnesota but they think diversity sounds nice and vote for it

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again back to MN somali cop thing

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im probably going to AR pistol in my truck/ tahoe

2017-07-21 01:00:08 UTC  

get an 80 percent lower

2017-07-21 01:00:24 UTC  

use a mill on the farm and cnc the lower out so no serials

2017-07-21 01:00:40 UTC  

keep in my truck and if my wife was rando dropped you will catch 30+ rounds through window

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i'm gay so idk but if that's not 100% legal probably don't type it

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it is legal

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oh ok carry on sir

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80 percent lowers have no numbers

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you make yourself

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I have family in mn

2017-07-21 01:01:09 UTC  

to mill lower part of reciever out

2017-07-21 01:01:11 UTC  

theres the thingy

2017-07-21 01:01:14 UTC  

YOU have to do it

2017-07-21 01:01:16 UTC  

will operate in mn

2017-07-21 01:01:16 UTC  

goddamnit whats its name

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ghost gunner?

2017-07-21 01:01:29 UTC  

mobile cnc mill for lowers

2017-07-21 01:01:37 UTC  

turns 80% blanks into proper lowers

2017-07-21 01:01:49 UTC  

now the caveat is even if its programmed and set up and you hit the button yourself and it runs the CNC program, all counts

2017-07-21 01:02:06 UTC  

but you can yourself use 80 percents and mill out

2017-07-21 01:02:06 UTC  

I have an 80 lower that I need to complete asap

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I know dudes that even used like a dremel

2017-07-21 01:02:18 UTC  

yup, as long as you push the button you're good