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2017-02-06 02:31:26 UTC  

Gaga didn't get political. I was hoping she would

2017-02-06 02:31:28 UTC  

yellow, or slightly less yellow?

2017-02-06 02:31:38 UTC  

The lines in the second one look slightly more thicker

2017-02-06 02:31:41 UTC  

@Crocodillo Yea, the dumbshit was at least smart enough not to pull that

2017-02-06 02:31:42 UTC  

The black ones on the shield

2017-02-06 02:31:55 UTC  

Rather she was probably told not to

2017-02-06 02:32:09 UTC  

I see absolutely no difference whatsoever.

2017-02-06 02:32:13 UTC

2017-02-06 02:32:14 UTC  

let's LARP as lefties and call her out for "cowardice" not to "speak out against the racists, bigots," etc etc

2017-02-06 02:32:17 UTC  

Same pretty much, lmfao

2017-02-06 02:32:25 UTC  

It was probably just a lie to get views

2017-02-06 02:32:36 UTC  

This, however, is what we'll be going with for the Michigan Regiment.

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2017-02-06 02:32:50 UTC  

"Portugal isn't white" is just a meme to make it seem like crap to keep shitskins away.

2017-02-06 02:33:04 UTC

2017-02-06 02:33:15 UTC  

poortugal isnt white

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2017-02-06 02:33:52 UTC  

@Crocodillo NO

We want the left to have less presence, not more. Even if we act as complete idiots, it would make their herd seem larger... And encourage them to act even more extremely

2017-02-06 02:33:59 UTC  

The March4Trump thing looks like it might be a thing in great numbers at least in DC

2017-02-06 02:34:12 UTC  

The deer is a lot better than this, right?

2017-02-06 02:34:17 UTC  


2017-02-06 02:34:18 UTC  

I am currently more looking forward to the NYC one though

2017-02-06 02:34:40 UTC  

Which are you using?

2017-02-06 02:34:47 UTC  

Do you guys have experience with this kind of thing?

2017-02-06 02:35:09 UTC  

Definitely going with the deer. A lot more effort went into it.

2017-02-06 02:35:15 UTC  

No I mean which one of the deer

2017-02-06 02:35:34 UTC  

Also, when should we start recruiting people into this? When chapters start meeting or when there is a site up? I have a feeling normies might not "get" this Discord

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2017-02-06 02:35:44 UTC  

Would probably be better if you used the second one I gave you, even if you can't tell the difference there were a few pixels in the first one that weren't filled that I fixed in the second

2017-02-06 02:35:59 UTC  

We'll go with the second one then.

2017-02-06 02:36:16 UTC  

Can you post it? I can't fucking tell the difference between the two you posted lmfao

2017-02-06 02:36:28 UTC

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2017-02-06 02:36:45 UTC  

I literally came here thinking this was a honeypot

2017-02-06 02:36:53 UTC  

@Rothbard what kind of experience are you implying?

2017-02-06 02:36:55 UTC  

And now I'm doing internal design work and art for it.

2017-02-06 02:37:05 UTC  

So any suggestions for my previous question?