Message from badtanman in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-07-29 14:37:32 UTC  

Aim for 88%

2017-07-29 14:37:38 UTC  

yeah i told him goal is 88%

2017-07-29 14:37:56 UTC  


2017-07-29 14:41:48 UTC  

every person who visits the poll gets a unique ID via cookie. your vote is tied to the cookie. if an ID is reused, the poll ignores the vote. take the cookie, pop it into postman and nuke. use incognegro tabs cause they launch with clear cookies. right now he has his computer automatically doing it for him and he is just gonna leave it working via proxy

2017-07-29 14:42:34 UTC  

eventually the proxy willl get blacklisted like his IP was so he's going to script something to auto move to another proxy once that one stops working

2017-07-29 14:44:33 UTC  

i sent the poll to as many people as i could but i only voted a handful of times cause busy cleaning apt #tfwnowaifuhousemaid

2017-07-29 14:45:37 UTC  

81% lol

2017-07-29 14:45:41 UTC  

i voted

2017-07-29 14:45:59 UTC

2017-07-29 14:48:56 UTC  

but why are you searching for men tho

2017-07-29 14:49:07 UTC  

fo und on twitter

2017-07-29 14:49:36 UTC  

prince hubris shared it

2017-07-29 14:49:38 UTC  

hes the gay one

2017-07-29 14:51:04 UTC  

@everyone I have terrible news

2017-07-29 14:51:11 UTC  

uh oh

2017-07-29 14:51:25 UTC  

What's up

2017-07-29 14:51:31 UTC  

I don't think I'm getting my ovenmitt

2017-07-29 14:51:36 UTC  


2017-07-29 14:51:43 UTC  

that's great news, this storyline is finally over

2017-07-29 14:52:14 UTC  


2017-07-29 14:52:21 UTC  

you know what would be good revenge

2017-07-29 14:52:26 UTC  

sending me an mp3 of that exclusive ftn

2017-07-29 14:53:02 UTC  

Or just subscribing and then seeding EVERY SINGLE PODCAST they put out because no kike lawyer would ever defend them

2017-07-29 14:53:07 UTC  

nah I wouldn't do that

2017-07-29 14:53:12 UTC  

no dont do that

2017-07-29 14:53:19 UTC  

They're really great guys, the oven mitt was a mistake

2017-07-29 14:53:27 UTC  

I'd never undermine them like that

2017-07-29 14:53:33 UTC

2017-07-29 14:54:56 UTC  

did you really @ everyone over an oven mitt

2017-07-29 14:55:06 UTC  

It's important.

2017-07-29 14:55:24 UTC  

go buy one and doddle trs on it in sharpie

2017-07-29 14:55:25 UTC  

yeah i agree its very important, my dms are open btw

2017-07-29 14:56:06 UTC

2017-07-29 14:56:55 UTC  

oh my god thank you for feeding me more streetshitter memes

2017-07-29 14:57:02 UTC  

They are my favorite

2017-07-29 14:57:22 UTC  

@queenarchitect it won't be the same :(

2017-07-29 14:58:55 UTC  

this man walks up to your gf and offers her tendies in exchange for succ wyd

2017-07-29 15:01:17 UTC  

it is easy to ignore, especially since im not reading that shit

2017-07-29 15:01:19 UTC  

fuck africa