Message from Samaritan™ in Athens #tholos_news

2020-02-16 10:10:45 UTC  

bro he called me a White nat, I just got btfo'd

2020-02-16 10:10:51 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:10:54 UTC  

@Samaritan™ Create your own company and ban the leftists then. Or are you afraid of picking yourself up from the bootstraps?

2020-02-16 10:11:11 UTC  

>Unironically using the phrase " picking yourself up from the bootstraps"

2020-02-16 10:11:14 UTC  

100% a troll

2020-02-16 10:11:18 UTC  

You can't say anything that isn't a prefab slogan

2020-02-16 10:11:20 UTC  

>more ad hom

2020-02-16 10:11:30 UTC  

If you aren't a leftist you're the fakest motherfucker I've ever een

2020-02-16 10:11:32 UTC  

As I expected from a White Nationalist idiot

2020-02-16 10:11:33 UTC  

Ideally, you'd not segregate in such a manner, @Thermonuclear, as it'll result in only further polarization.

2020-02-16 10:11:50 UTC  

>calling someone an idiot
>is an Ancap

bold words

2020-02-16 10:12:03 UTC  

he follows ad hominem accusation with an ad hominem attack

2020-02-16 10:12:29 UTC  

@Ethreen42 >thats not the point, the point is that Twitter and Facebook influence billions of people and them actively censoring people is bad for freedom of speech
Yes I agree. That doesn't violate the NAP though. The people have personal agency to not be influenced.

2020-02-16 10:12:48 UTC  

I would ban you from my private server

2020-02-16 10:12:53 UTC  

I dont really care if it violates muh NAP

2020-02-16 10:12:59 UTC  

You are advocating to relocate the personal agency to the govt.

2020-02-16 10:13:24 UTC  

I am advocating for a freer society by breaking up totalitarian companies

2020-02-16 10:13:56 UTC  

I'm advocating for neither.

2020-02-16 10:14:13 UTC  

Translation: I'm advocating for a "freer society" by punishing Capitalist companies who became successful through moral means

2020-02-16 10:14:17 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:14:24 UTC  

If Google attempts to influence the 2020 election they should be broken up

2020-02-16 10:14:27 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:14:45 UTC  

@Samaritan™ It didn't take long for me to expose your statism

2020-02-16 10:14:51 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:14:51 UTC  

muh statism

2020-02-16 10:14:58 UTC  

I am openly a statist

2020-02-16 10:15:00 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:15:17 UTC  

I think most people have a trouble imagining what 'non-crony-capitalism' looks like

2020-02-16 10:15:20 UTC  

I don't burn my nations flag

2020-02-16 10:15:21 UTC  

Funny that you were harping about the wonders of freedom just before I joined

2020-02-16 10:15:23 UTC  

What a crime

2020-02-16 10:15:35 UTC  

As I said, it is always the case with phonies

2020-02-16 10:15:42 UTC  

You're projecting

2020-02-16 10:15:45 UTC  

Leftist scum

2020-02-16 10:15:52 UTC  

You're a socialist

2020-02-16 10:16:00 UTC  

Get in

2020-02-16 10:16:00 UTC  

calling someone a statist is like a Liberal calling someone a racist, a Scientologist calling someone a Suppressive or a nigger calling a White person a cracker

2020-02-16 10:16:48 UTC  

Thermo is too retarded to comprehend that I love freedom **and** my nation

2020-02-16 10:16:53 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:17:25 UTC  

sorry bro if you're threatening the very existence of my nation you're going for a helicopter ride