Message from Thermonuclear in Athens #tholos_news

2020-02-16 10:07:52 UTC  

You are a leftists caricature of what a libertarian is

2020-02-16 10:07:56 UTC  

McDonald's having a monopoly because of their caliber is not something that should be punished

2020-02-16 10:08:08 UTC  

That's not a monopoly.

2020-02-16 10:08:15 UTC  

You are advocating for punishing success and have the gall to call me a leftist

2020-02-16 10:08:15 UTC  

Neither is Walmart.

2020-02-16 10:08:18 UTC  

Nor is Amazon.

2020-02-16 10:08:41 UTC  

still dodging the consent question <:thinking_clown:590855640268668928>

2020-02-16 10:08:58 UTC  

>Well if you're saying Twitter and co are just private corps and not public platforms they should be regulated to uphold the American constitution, since they actively censor and stop information they dont like from reaching Billions of people
@Ethreen42 I'm against regulations.

2020-02-16 10:09:06 UTC  

Why can't he just say no kids can't consent

2020-02-16 10:09:10 UTC  

McDonalds should be regulated, they actively promote fat diets to billions of people that lead to a unhealthy and degenerate society

2020-02-16 10:09:12 UTC  

Now, I will say, price floors on labor benefit firms of economic scale, yes.

2020-02-16 10:09:27 UTC  

That prevents small businesses from competing against them.

2020-02-16 10:09:29 UTC  

No one is forcing you to use Twitter

2020-02-16 10:09:49 UTC  

Multiple corporations collectivizing in lockstep to act as monopoly even though they aren't one is however a problem

2020-02-16 10:09:59 UTC  

Use something else. The Free Market has spoken by removing White Nationalist filth like you from their platforms @Ethreen42

2020-02-16 10:10:21 UTC  

Its the free market when leftists ban me from Facebook

2020-02-16 10:10:23 UTC  

thats not the point, the point is that Twitter and Facebook influence billions of people and them actively censoring people is bad for freedom of speech

2020-02-16 10:10:24 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:10:45 UTC  

bro he called me a White nat, I just got btfo'd

2020-02-16 10:10:51 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:10:54 UTC  

@Samaritan™ Create your own company and ban the leftists then. Or are you afraid of picking yourself up from the bootstraps?

2020-02-16 10:11:11 UTC  

>Unironically using the phrase " picking yourself up from the bootstraps"

2020-02-16 10:11:14 UTC  

100% a troll

2020-02-16 10:11:18 UTC  

You can't say anything that isn't a prefab slogan

2020-02-16 10:11:20 UTC  

>more ad hom

2020-02-16 10:11:30 UTC  

If you aren't a leftist you're the fakest motherfucker I've ever een

2020-02-16 10:11:32 UTC  

As I expected from a White Nationalist idiot

2020-02-16 10:11:33 UTC  

Ideally, you'd not segregate in such a manner, @Thermonuclear, as it'll result in only further polarization.

2020-02-16 10:11:50 UTC  

>calling someone an idiot
>is an Ancap

bold words

2020-02-16 10:12:03 UTC  

he follows ad hominem accusation with an ad hominem attack

2020-02-16 10:12:29 UTC  

@Ethreen42 >thats not the point, the point is that Twitter and Facebook influence billions of people and them actively censoring people is bad for freedom of speech
Yes I agree. That doesn't violate the NAP though. The people have personal agency to not be influenced.

2020-02-16 10:12:48 UTC  

I would ban you from my private server

2020-02-16 10:12:53 UTC  

I dont really care if it violates muh NAP

2020-02-16 10:12:59 UTC  

You are advocating to relocate the personal agency to the govt.

2020-02-16 10:13:24 UTC  

I am advocating for a freer society by breaking up totalitarian companies

2020-02-16 10:13:56 UTC  

I'm advocating for neither.

2020-02-16 10:14:13 UTC  

Translation: I'm advocating for a "freer society" by punishing Capitalist companies who became successful through moral means

2020-02-16 10:14:17 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:14:24 UTC  

If Google attempts to influence the 2020 election they should be broken up

2020-02-16 10:14:27 UTC  


2020-02-16 10:14:45 UTC  

@Samaritan™ It didn't take long for me to expose your statism