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ok thats enough

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im trying to cut porn out of my life and this is giving me ptsd

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Good for you.

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I'm sorry mate D:

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Google Raven Black

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its ok

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@badtanman I feel you man

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>everyone sharing their fav kike porn stars in a nazi chat

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"actress" *blerg*

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dis gon b gud

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This chat got weird

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You need a concussion of gas

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Zwi Migdal (Yiddish: צבי מגדל‎, IPA: [ˈtsvɪ mɪɡˈdal]) was an organized crime group involved in the trafficking of Jewish women from the shtetls of Eastern Europe for sexual slavery and forced prostitution. Mainly based in Argentina, the group operated from the 1860s to 1939.[1]

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i dont, they do

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im saving myself for my dingo princess

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Originally called the Varsovia (Warsaw) Jewish Mutual Aid Society, the organization changed its name to Zwi Migdal in 1927, after the Polish envoy in Argentina filed an official complaint to the Argentine authorities, regarding the use of "Warsaw" in the name. The association's name was chosen to honor Luis Zvi Migdal, one of its founders.[2]

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The first boatload of young Jewish women arrived in Brazil in 1867. In 1872, the imperial Brazilian government extradited some Jewish pimps and prostitutes, but the criminal activities continued. T

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>chatting about jew porn stars

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@northern_confederate im a good boy i didnt name a single one

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same but if they posted ones from like 5 years ago i might know them

2017-08-01 02:04:50 UTC  

they did tbh

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tbh if ur favs name doesnt end in grey ur probably ghey

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one weird trick