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2017-08-07 04:16:18 UTC  

So when the older sibling is declared guardian

2017-08-07 04:16:34 UTC  

Then the younger are "protected"

2017-08-07 04:16:57 UTC  

Because a family court appointed them a guardian or charge of the court

2017-08-07 04:17:10 UTC  


2017-08-07 04:17:11 UTC  

And then they can apply for a green card as Protection

2017-08-07 04:17:39 UTC  

There are NGOS that smuggle squats all day everyday doing this

2017-08-07 04:17:48 UTC  

The staff are mudd

2017-08-07 04:17:53 UTC  

The lawyers are muds

2017-08-07 04:18:08 UTC  

The family court judges are shit tier spics too

2017-08-07 04:18:20 UTC  

Mainly it's s big spic operation in big cities

2017-08-07 04:18:41 UTC  

Everyone knows what's up and the NGOs collect per head

2017-08-07 04:18:59 UTC  

Outside of cities it's harder to swing

2017-08-07 04:19:05 UTC  

We have gay marriage up for debate today... I'm praying they take it to a postal plebiscite. That way the against team can legally make advertisements and campaigns against gays... then they can see how unwelcome they are. I want to see them be destroyed with these campaigns.

2017-08-07 04:19:32 UTC  

But what does it matter when churches give them bus tickets to cities

2017-08-07 04:20:42 UTC

2017-08-07 04:25:16 UTC  

@UPGRAYEDD ready for the whitepill?

2017-08-07 04:26:08 UTC  

Go for wypl

2017-08-07 04:26:50 UTC  

RAISE is waking the normie up to this bullshit operation. Most people, when blindly polled, are vehemently against wholesale immigration, and also have no idea how bad the real problem is.

2017-08-07 04:27:00 UTC  

This will wake them up and bring awareness

2017-08-07 04:27:07 UTC  

If it passes, great first step

2017-08-07 04:27:21 UTC  

coincidence motto

2017-08-07 04:27:28 UTC  

If it fails, the 2018 election is coming and I have no doubt trump will start publicly slitting throats

2017-08-07 04:27:39 UTC  


2017-08-07 04:27:46 UTC  

That's the play

2017-08-07 04:28:19 UTC  

IIRC, the nuclear 51 vote option was enacted in hopes of getting repeal/replace passed

2017-08-07 04:28:26 UTC  

It will apply to immigration reform

2017-08-07 04:28:42 UTC  

Don't say reform

2017-08-07 04:28:56 UTC  

Actually, it was created by Reed to push thru Obama care

2017-08-07 04:29:02 UTC  

Shit is going to start getting passed or the levels of BTFO in the '18 election will be unprecedented

2017-08-07 04:29:13 UTC  


2017-08-07 04:29:38 UTC  

I think that's the point of these bills - it's just to set up 2018

2017-08-07 04:29:51 UTC  

@AnonMindset that was temporary, wasn't it?

2017-08-07 04:30:40 UTC  

They used it multiple times and they (dems) were too retarded to see 2014 or 2016 coming

2017-08-07 04:31:15 UTC  

Thing is, the left eats their own shit. They can't into strategy

2017-08-07 04:31:57 UTC  

But, we on the right tend to fought over purity. Even the lesser issues break us up, like taxes.

2017-08-07 04:31:59 UTC  


2017-08-07 04:32:12 UTC  

I think that's starting to change

2017-08-07 04:32:27 UTC  

'18 will make the conservacucks shit their pants

2017-08-07 04:32:45 UTC  

Sadly, we need cucks for our numbers.

2017-08-07 04:33:10 UTC  

Ew, a pregnant mud shark just came into the laundromat

2017-08-07 04:33:30 UTC  

Hope she and the abomination get beat to death tbh