Message from Riley in Redpilling Archive #general-chat

2018-09-01 18:17:58 UTC  

just to spite you

2018-09-01 18:18:03 UTC  

You're not spiting me

2018-09-01 18:18:07 UTC  

I have a perfect life my guy

2018-09-01 18:18:18 UTC  

then why are you getting upset

2018-09-01 18:18:30 UTC  

no one is upset

2018-09-01 18:18:32 UTC  

I'm not upset. But I have come across you and I"m telling you that you will regret it

2018-09-01 18:18:41 UTC  


2018-09-01 18:18:41 UTC  

Even when it is the last second you breathe

2018-09-01 18:18:45 UTC  


2018-09-01 18:18:52 UTC  

ok, what if i regret not doing it

2018-09-01 18:19:04 UTC  

Then you should stop listening to your mental disorder

2018-09-01 18:19:09 UTC  

please be mindfull of the people not wanting to see this shit

2018-09-01 18:19:12 UTC  

Feelings are a different thing

2018-09-01 18:19:12 UTC  

when they enter the server

2018-09-01 18:19:16 UTC  
2018-09-01 18:19:17 UTC  


2018-09-01 18:19:17 UTC  

<#389419016898215936> please

2018-09-01 18:19:18 UTC  


2018-09-01 18:19:18 UTC  

@DaVe Too bad for them

2018-09-01 18:19:55 UTC  

@Riley What does it matter how a person might feel? Shouldn't you be happy the way you are? So why change it when you could feel perfectly happy with your body

2018-09-01 18:20:36 UTC  

I am not happy with my body

2018-09-01 18:20:48 UTC  


2018-09-01 18:20:48 UTC  

So i want to change it

2018-09-01 18:20:53 UTC  

simple as that

2018-09-01 18:21:18 UTC  

And you will never be happy with your body you do understand that?

2018-09-01 18:21:18 UTC  

And I"m sorry for that. But your body yourself is perfectly happy with it's working. Your digestion is working, your hearing, smelling, tasting, moving and everything

2018-09-01 18:21:23 UTC  

Your muscles are all on the right place

2018-09-01 18:21:33 UTC  

You could've been born missing a leg or an arm

2018-09-01 18:21:40 UTC  

But instead you are one of fullfilnes

2018-09-01 18:21:44 UTC  

A perfect working body

2018-09-01 18:21:46 UTC  

You can be sad about it

2018-09-01 18:21:51 UTC  

But this is not something you can change

2018-09-01 18:21:52 UTC  

Just because it can be worse, doesn't mean i am happy with the way it is now

2018-09-01 18:22:03 UTC  

I understand and look

2018-09-01 18:22:07 UTC  

I'm not trying to attack you

2018-09-01 18:22:15 UTC  

But your body is perfect

2018-09-01 18:22:20 UTC  

It's the mentallity

2018-09-01 18:22:41 UTC  

I think somebody has watched too much kinky fetish hentai and has been influenced.

2018-09-01 18:22:43 UTC  

I used to be very insecure too because I was bullied in my previous school alot. I wanted to change myself too but I've accepted to accept the way I am

2018-09-01 18:23:08 UTC  

You can still be happier about yourself in a different way

2018-09-01 18:23:15 UTC  

Like working out, eating healthy, reading and such