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wow that was a brilliant Candace Owens speech

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lol what.. wasn't cnn supposedly evacuated the other day?

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no shit

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@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins LOL, they're still finding mysterious packages?

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Wait I might have fucked up

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Ahhh no..... It's new

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I know its new kek

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you just trolled yoself

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@stedly plumbing supplies

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Is the plan where foreign economies drop the feit currencies before the US does?

Just the phrase "Currency Swap" sounds nice and great

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So kick ass...

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@stedly it seems everyone wants to prepare for a time when the USD doesnt serve as world reserve currency or petrodollar. We are doing the same too

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Hemce the keystone pipeline importance and going energy self sufficient (and Saudi's diversifying economy away from only oil sales)

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@P o l i t e c h a l 8 7 It's reallly telling how despite how much those chat logs were proven to be false they still insist it's real

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Didn’t we go through all this antisemitic threat stuff just prior to the *last* election ? Didn’t a bunch of them prove to be hoaxes? Surely it is less and less effective each time. But going for children ups the emotional ante. Geez

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They used a doll from a story about a little French girl who lives in a convent of nuns.


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Prosecute Julian Assange to the fullest extent of the law, then give suspended sentence.

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```Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also announced new efforts to assist in combating hate crimes, including an $840,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice for a new research study on hate crimes data collection, and the extension of technical assistance resources relating to hate crimes through the Justice Department’s Collaborative Reform Initiative, the release said.
The move comes just days after a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday left 11 people dead and injuring six others, including police officers, according to the US authorities.```

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Gee... thx Rod Rosenstein