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2018-11-03 17:26:59 UTC  

they're encrypted jibberish longwave transmission. no one knows what they mean.

2018-11-03 17:34:49 UTC  

Where can I see these posts @Banky ?

2018-11-03 17:41:55 UTC  

Replying here to your post in q general @boBBypEEle. Yes, this is the natural state of government. Always growing power, building influence. Find the Alice in Wonderland / monarchy delusions emails that came out about HRC. They almost had this wrapped up - an unbreakable cabal to run our lives.

2018-11-03 17:41:55 UTC  

🆙 | **malloc leveled up!**

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Yes @malloc 100%

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Thx @jman

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When the Storm is over I suggest we all meet for some drinks

2018-11-03 18:01:29 UTC  

1st two rounds are on me!

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2018-11-03 18:06:15 UTC  

still can't picture that place, but Amen, if and when.

2018-11-03 18:14:02 UTC  

It’s coming. There’s always a trail (crumbs to follow). Military tribunals disallow the continuances of the civilian judicial system. Once arrested the trials will be swift.

2018-11-03 18:15:17 UTC  

Once the first domino is knocked over the house of cards will fall

2018-11-03 18:29:10 UTC  

Once the corruptocrats are finally removed, I feel that arrests will start rolling. Can’t wait!

2018-11-03 18:30:40 UTC  

Mad Max all the way…

The Government of Canada has a duty to ensure the rights and wellbeing of Canadians;
The maintenance of our borders and limited merit-based immigration are essential to our rights and wellbeing;
Polls consistently have shown the majority of Canadians reject illegal border crossing and subordination of our citizens’ needs to those of illegal aliens; and
Several of our allies notably the United States of America, Poland, Hungary and Austria have withdrawn from the United Nations’ global migration pact citing its threats to their sovereignty, peace, order and good governance.
We, the undersigned, Canadians, call upon the Government of Canada to likewise withdraw from the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
 Sponsor
Maxime Bernier
People’s Party

Sign the petition here:

I already have…

2018-11-03 18:34:04 UTC  

Zero Hedge Comment
November 3, 2018 at 8:13 am

America isn’t capitalist. America has a planned economy, except that the “plan” is never explicitly announced.

The average American abhors the wars of the last 28 years.

Most Americans chafe at the creation of an aggressive police state since 9/11.

Just as I am tired of the people promulgating these things, I’m tired of children like you that refuse recognize real American sentiment.

Moreover, I know you children are dupes, and more of the same anti-human behavior is contained in your “solutions.”

The Russian revolution was a fraud and the history of it is a lie.

Real organic capitalism has lifted people from a medieval existence to modernity in 150 years.

Socialism has brought decay and death.
There is no connection between capitalism and blacks being denied civil rights.

Government is organized violence and coercion, regardless of the economic system.

Socialism is a system dominated completely by government.

True capitalism is voluntary cooperation.

2018-11-03 18:35:13 UTC  

I had this idea a little late - I thought about handing out PLAIN RED YARD SIGNS. Nothing else on them - like a blank meme. I think it would catch on

2018-11-03 18:36:14 UTC  

ive seen lot's of creative signage this year

2018-11-03 18:37:34 UTC  

driving through west sprinfield, ma, there are dozens of houses with various apacalyptic scripture on sign boards.

2018-11-03 18:38:13 UTC  

pretty catching

2018-11-03 18:38:27 UTC  

LOL , like what for instance

2018-11-03 18:38:28 UTC  

🆙 | **John of Arc leveled up!**

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I mean, I cant quote from memory, but broad good v evil stuff

2018-11-03 18:39:12 UTC  

fear no evil

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Trump saves

2018-11-03 18:39:24 UTC  


2018-11-03 18:39:45 UTC  

but no party or candidate mentioned

2018-11-03 18:40:35 UTC  

nor indication of how they were coordinated. must be a church group

2018-11-03 18:41:31 UTC  

gotta go BBL

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New Q links in <#489836618207985670>

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<@&489830886062424085> two new q

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bot broke, but now its not broken

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and elsewhere, EW's head explodes

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Just got another. Edit: Im wrong, bot's on it

2018-11-03 19:31:26 UTC  

In case anyone is interested

2018-11-03 19:31:30 UTC  

Pres. Trump: Own the LAST SIGNED MAGA HAT of the 2018 elections! I personally signed it on my desk. Contribute in the NEXT 20 MINUTES TO ENTER:

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Can’t you type it in?