Message from S0NS0FLIBERTY USA in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-11-07 12:29:03 UTC  

just not muh trust the plan

2018-11-07 12:29:13 UTC  

cos you're retarded

2018-11-07 12:29:16 UTC  

jman, i'm a prisoner in a sanctuary city

2018-11-07 12:29:22 UTC  

you don't need to trust the plan if you have an actual brain

2018-11-07 12:29:28 UTC  

because it makes perfect sense

2018-11-07 12:29:54 UTC  

anyways, you're boring af, i'm going to go fiddle with my asshole

2018-11-07 12:30:05 UTC  

good for you,man

2018-11-07 12:30:16 UTC  

I have a brain

2018-11-07 12:30:50 UTC  

to me, it does not make sense that CT lost every single seat and governorship to the same corrupt regime thats been killing us for a decade

2018-11-07 12:32:33 UTC  

the plan was to win control of things, not speaker pelosi. Tell me again how that helps with the investigations?? Tell me again how legal proceedings will be better protected now?? Tell me again how if I had abrain Id see that??

Umm idk read the last 4 qdrops for a change?

How do you set a trap?

2018-11-07 12:39:43 UTC  

No doubt Im emotional. You all should be, too. We're all finally organized, but we're still asking permission, and losing! Im trapped here. Can't sell in this market. Can't afford to stay where there's no work. If you were actually in a place where these things are all too real (union thugs, eighman town enforcers, 10 year stagnant wages, property values still below '08 prices) and watching everything you've worked for crumble around you, with nothing but nothing you can do about it besides keep paying property tax and hoping something changes, you'd understand. Concernfagging, when done properly, is expressing concern over things that dont directly impact you or havent happened yet. This is not the case. These people are killing us. In this corner of the world, for my people, who are your people, believe me, this is the darkest day in memory.

2018-11-07 12:39:51 UTC  

Ron, lord knows I hope your right

2018-11-07 12:40:28 UTC  

faith wearing thin.

Don't you get this is what Gowdy and Goodlatte are working on?


2018-11-07 12:40:50 UTC  

election fraud?

2018-11-07 12:41:00 UTC  

Hang in there pal. Nobody said it would be boring.. mornin handsome bastards...

2018-11-07 12:41:02 UTC  

I get that, sure

2018-11-07 12:41:30 UTC  

I’m in Hollywood. Want to complain?😂🥃👊🏼

2018-11-07 12:41:35 UTC  

why didnt they bring it down last month, though, so communists didnt take over CT once and for all

2018-11-07 12:41:43 UTC  

theres money in cali

2018-11-07 12:41:50 UTC  

CT is just bankrupt

Ever heard of election intereference?

Bring down the house before elections yea sounds like a good idea mmk

2018-11-07 12:42:21 UTC  

yea, im assuming thats how the dems won literally everything

2018-11-07 12:42:59 UTC  

every ct federal and state office

2018-11-07 12:43:12 UTC  

governor, most notably.

CT has how many districts?

2018-11-07 12:44:10 UTC  

federal? I think 5 reps

2018-11-07 12:45:03 UTC  

yea man, not really the federal results im railing over

All of you current and fedral districts have been blue for the last 4 terms

theres only 5