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What is what? Explain yourself. You are acting incredulous. You need a ginger faggot to pipe your ass down. Here. Now calm your tits.

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how big are his balls?

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only way to find out if he is a real ginger

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Shit this guy didn't need silicone.. au naturale!

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kek I remember that

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From the looks of his blow out...I'd venture a guess that they are crooked and cocky as fuck. Like, when he fucks they slap his lover's asshole...and make fart sounds on that starfish.

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I bet he cant fuck

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I bet you his balls touch water

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I bet you piss runs down his balls into the bowl

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Well, you have a point. He DID just go for show from the chest yeah, there IS that...

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he did all of that at the order of someone else

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literallly signed a slave contract

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this degenerate behavior is actually quite widespread

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Well, maybe his master will make dat ballsack into a keychain or something. stupid faggots.

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Osborn, also known as Pup Alpha, wrote that Tank "entrusted me to be the executor of his estate, a duty that I thought I would never have to fulfill."

Both Chapman and Osborn were romantically linked to Dylan Ray Hafertepen, a well-known member of the Dom/sub pup play communities in San Francisco and, later, Seattle. To his pups, including Pup Tank and Pup Alpha, he's called Master Dylan, but on Instagram and Tumblr, he's widely known as Noodles and Beef.

Online, Master Dylan shared pictures and details of his polyamorous, self-made family, which also included Hafertepen's husband (Big Pup), someone named Pup Biff, and someone named Pup Angus. Judging from the pictures, these men are hairy and muscular—"muscle bears" in gay parlance—and physically resemble Hafertepen. They wear padlocked chains around their necks, a symbol of Hafertepen's ownership over them, and some of them have matching tattoos of Hafertepen's astrological sign, the Taurus zodiac symbol (a circle with horns). In photos, Tank, Alpha, Angus, and Biff appear to have additional tattoos on their backs that read "Property of Master Dylan."```

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Noodles and Beef 😆

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`"Tank left a very detailed will I'm determined to fulfill," Hafertepen wrote in the goodbye. "Then I'm gone. Starting with my online presence."`

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Isn't there a shitposting channel 🤔

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go fuck yourself

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in a generally off topic it.

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Let's stop here for a moment and point out that there's nothing wrong with bodybuilding, body modifications, polyamory, Dom/sub relationships, pup play, or the social media fame that Hafertepen indulged in, even if it seems out of the mainstream. Many gay men use these methods to reclaim their own bodies or to play with masculinity, sexuality, and power. However, Tank's desire to perpetually serve Master Dylan, and to alter his body to his master's whims, could plausibly have been what caused his death.```

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this article is so fucking funny

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Wesley uses his to make a fashion statement.

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is that a hoodie

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The contract forbids Tank from using deodorant, masturbating, watching TV, or speaking unless spoken to by Master. It requires that he grovel, cry, and kiss Master's feet whenever they meet, "until the pup has permission to rise to his feet once again." It demands the pup "relinquish his salary to his Master" and maintain complete financial transparency at all times. It prohibits socializing with anyone without Master's express permission, stipulating, "It is expected that social connections outside of one's Master fall away until the pup is completely socially and emotionally dependent upon his Master, finding contact with other people pointless, unfruitful, and unfulfilling."```

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so much cringe

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but for real this is the heart of the left my dudes

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know your opponent

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Fromunda Cheese

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Down unda

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literally started his enslavement while living in straya