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Earth is a cube. Not flat.

Vortext math confirms



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damn fine ornament

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Thanks! I've been making Q-related ornaments the past few days for friends!

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A few years back, rumors were going around that GLD (largest paper gold ETF) didnt have the gold backing that they claimed. They made a big deal of proving they had it by sending a camera crew into the vaults. The host held up a bar to show it was authentic and fortunately a gold bug freeze framed the bar and got the serial number. The owner of the bar was not GLD and did not give GLD permission to put his bar in the GLD stash. Therefore, it seems GLD shuffled a bunch of other ppls gold into their vault for the photo shoot to squash the news that they didn't have the gold they claimed. (This was around the time Chavez had asked for his gold and had been called crazy & later Germany tried to audit their gold at the Fed, but were never allowed to see it after 3 attempts). The metals are suppressed via paper metal short selling and contracts that flood the supply artificially

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Also,court TV is reopening their network. Try run live court cases & will be back on in May i believe

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@Bukkakemon next gen election is 2022

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doesn't mean much

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JP Morgan silver rigging investigation on hold for 6 months while another criminal investigation occurs (CNBC, but still)

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They have the world's largest physical silver holding (custodians also of SLV paper fund) and i hope they have their house stash confiscated on behalf of USA for severe economic crimes (such as in EO)

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DB released info on coconspirators a little while back

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Odd that the signature on the Santa painting in gingerbread elevator over stocking mantle had QiAi (it seems) and came out the same day that there was a Q & A

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Actually that's a fun but horrible buy. Paying $100 for $20 worth of gold. Don't buy numismatics where you over pay for a pretty picture on it. Get the basic generic rounds of .999 silver (such as sunshine mint silver buffalos)

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Focus on acquiring weight

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But yes it is cool looking round

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The banksyers want ppl buying numimatics so they take less of the physical metals off the market per dollar they spend. Theu are afraid to get in a physical pinch and having ppl tat wasn't metal waste a large portion on up charges helps them decrease demand of the real deal

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Their grip on the monetary system fails when they can no longer (or unwilling) able to deliver physical gold & silver at the artificially low prices. This is exactly what happened at the London Gold Pool when england had the reserve currency. However, banksters have since created paper metals platforms to add artificial supply to maintain the illusion instead

2018-12-13 16:38:39 UTC This is so good. I love Truth Cat. She is me if I was an articulate and funny talking cat with a work ethic and video editing skills.

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Like the SoFedUp too haha

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Justice for General Flynn!!!!!

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Woot woot

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My wish was granted 😂

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I’m going to make some more...

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Apparently macron is undergoing a vote of no confidence

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2:00 ET

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#JayLive now ; JaySeculow : @ACLJ takes on anti Christmas satanic #snaketivity