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March 13

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Please keep in mind that after winning election in 2016 Trump wanted to shut his foundation down to prevent it from becoming a distraction (by law - all the foundations records would have to be preserved for a certain number of years) but the NY AG ordered it to remain 'open' while it was investigated by them.

The foundation now being shut down indicates, to me, that the investigation is now over. We'll just have to wait & see if any indictments are actually filed vs fake news kicking up dust & grandstanding

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Davos economic meeting from Jan 22-25. Should be an important year with all the financial crapola going down recently

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Monica Crowley and Jeanine call out Comey for his “projection”

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now for something really off topic -

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i wonder if these kids where good all yr for santa

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ok, this is from march 2017

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I recognize that bulge.

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This guy is ripping up a strom in terms of popularity atm

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that guy was from a different sitefrom what I read

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Do it CIA style: What you need to know about latest leak on UK-funded psyop

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@7alon heard there is gonna be a yellow vest protest outside ABC in Sydney on dec 30

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scott, look up

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above ur post