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2019-01-28 21:48:43 UTC

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Via @JudicialWatch :
Watch " @TomFitton on #RogerStone Indictment:
👉'Not One Piece of Evidence' of @POTUS #Trump/#Russia Collusion" !

2019-01-28 22:27:09 UTC  

@John of Arc Corsi says he just has an ability to connect the dots like that & figure it out on his own ( like he has super powers ! ) > gives no credit to Q or anons

2019-01-28 22:36:29 UTC  

"Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US Spy Plane Over Baltic Sea" 1/28/ 19

2019-01-28 23:35:29 UTC  

@John of Arc dumb question since I've been on and off following a good chunk of this because life and studies get in the way, but didnt Corsi claim to be Q or was that someone else?

2019-01-29 00:02:15 UTC  

Bucket = Suicide in Jewish gematria. Maybe RBG took the NoName deal.

2019-01-29 00:08:44 UTC  

thats a big that a bucket or a trash can

2019-01-29 00:09:07 UTC  

ok, zoomed's a trash can

2019-01-29 00:09:47 UTC  

it's a rubbermaid trash can...i have the black version of it

2019-01-29 00:10:00 UTC  

if u look carefully u'll notice the lid is on it

2019-01-29 00:10:28 UTC  

msg = the trash is contained

2019-01-29 00:42:48 UTC  

Almost 8chan design underneath the sill haha

2019-01-29 00:45:19 UTC  

And spider web design on other wondows..

2019-01-29 01:25:54 UTC  

Livestream :Chitchat with @Diamondandsilk  topics 👇
#KamalaHarris ,#RogerStone ,
#ElizabethWarren & @POTUS #Trump

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If they actually did this then they better prepare for armed insurrection

2019-01-29 03:09:12 UTC  

Doesn't the FBI just recommend indiction, not do anything themselves?

2019-01-29 03:09:36 UTC  

Isn't that the excuse that Comey gave re. the Clinton foundation?

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So how the hell will Mueller be able to charge anyone with anything if he's just FBI?

2019-01-29 05:05:45 UTC  

Comey was the FBI director at that time, Mueller is the special prosecutor assigned by RR to take over Russia investigation.

2019-01-29 05:22:35 UTC  

Special prosecutors recommend indications. The FBI makes arrests, executed search and arrest warrants.

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2019-01-29 05:23:34 UTC  

Mueller will hand his investigation over to the FBI who will then charge and send the offenders to federal court for prosecution

2019-01-29 05:23:46 UTC  

Hope that helps

2019-01-29 05:24:31 UTC  

To be correct mueller would recommend indictments not indications. (Sorry autocorrect)

2019-01-29 07:35:33 UTC  

POTUS Press 🇺🇸 (@POTUSPress) tweeted at 0:28 PM on Mon, Jan 28, 2019:
Trump Continues to Prepare the Battlefield via @YouTube

2019-01-29 16:54:41 UTC  

BREAKING: Roger Stone Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Mueller Charges in DC Court | Sean Hannity

2019-01-29 17:04:14 UTC  
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#Jaylive Live Now : #Trump :Less than 50/50 chance for border security deal