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I 💖Our Potus Trump ! Check out this video via👉 SayIt⭐️⭐️⭐️OutLoud #TheTrapsHaveBeenSet (@RealTT2020) tweeted at 4:22 PM on Tue, Jan 29, 2019:
Everybody all around the world
Gotta tell you what I just heard!

There's going to be a party


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@SirW00f Oof! Would not want to be Pelosi

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shes forced to get exposed.....part of plea agreement

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Her own voterbase is turning on her. Shame!

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i just left something in cancerward

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ur a day late

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Those whose allegiance is to more than 1 country, can't be 100% pro-MAGA. 89 of our senators and congressman have dual citizenship between USA & Israel

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Livestream JayLive Now :
More States introduce EXTREME Abortion Laws !

2019-01-30 18:22:51 UTC  

WATCH: VA Democrats Propose Bill Allowing Abortion Up Until Moment Of Birth! = CHILD MURDER

2019-01-30 18:31:56 UTC  

actually if u really listen to some of the stories on even extends to post birth abortions

2019-01-30 18:37:32 UTC  

FOMC minutes release at 2pm today for those watching Fed announcements

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Yes ...was just listening to Jay seculow. Very serious this opens whole new Dr ethic laws of do no harm , next could be disabled then euthanize elderly ...CA already passed the right to die

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Gotta love I-10

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i wonder if they opened up the trailer yet

2019-01-30 19:07:10 UTC  

$840M in gold from Venezuela central bank loaded into Russian plane....

2019-01-30 19:07:49 UTC