Message from Moooooooooooooo in Turtle Hermit School #random

2019-01-30 21:29:41 UTC  

Timothy Ballard: “I’ve Fought Sex Trafficking as a DHS Special Agent – We Need to Build the Wall for the Children” ! via @whitehouse

2019-01-30 22:01:34 UTC  

Trump Super PAC AmericaFirst Launches 7-Figure Pro- Build The Wall Ad target Democrats with message from Angel Mom

2019-01-30 22:26:28 UTC

2019-01-30 22:26:51 UTC  

I've been fighting the measles outbreak lately.

2019-01-30 22:27:16 UTC  

In another state, with libtard helicopter parents freaking out that its the end of the US.

2019-01-30 22:28:03 UTC  

None of which are even aware at all, that in the US you have a 99.9% survivability rate.

2019-01-30 22:31:25 UTC

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2019-01-30 23:52:39 UTC  

Whoa Nellie, More Leaked Transcripts – Nellie Ohr Researched Trump Kids While Working for Fusion GPS… | The Last Refuge

2019-01-31 02:32:34 UTC  

Watch "🔴 #Hannity 1/30/19 - FOX NEWS LIVE Now | Breaking News Today Jan 30, 2019"

2019-01-31 06:56:07 UTC

2019-01-31 06:56:57 UTC  

From halfpol

2019-01-31 06:59:16 UTC  

Jesus maybe I shouldn't have linked that

2019-01-31 07:00:26 UTC  

If there is a pizzagate channel I think that's a more appropriate place

2019-01-31 07:01:32 UTC  

top 2 are dead

2019-01-31 07:01:35 UTC  

Cancer ward ?

2019-01-31 07:01:38 UTC  

dead links

2019-01-31 07:01:41 UTC  


2019-01-31 07:04:17 UTC  

no, it's just u...i can connect to the chans fine

2019-01-31 07:05:01 UTC  

u cable, dsl, dialup or fiber

2019-01-31 07:05:43 UTC  

cable dsl and dialup might have problems

2019-01-31 07:05:54 UTC  

from the weather

2019-01-31 07:09:59 UTC  

Yeah I saw the top two were dead too. I'll shove it in cancer ward since it's the only place that seems appropriate

2019-01-31 07:19:57 UTC  


2019-01-31 07:34:40 UTC  

well gee, then that would make the probe team's network open to russian hackers...or the members of the probe team are russians

2019-01-31 07:35:05 UTC  

u do know i'm being sarcastic, right

2019-01-31 07:35:20 UTC  


2019-01-31 07:35:48 UTC  

They're fucking dumbasses that can't figure out how to keep the charade going.

2019-01-31 07:36:08 UTC  

So they blame Russia, but then that means the Mueller investigation is comped from the get go