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Ok, ok. We all know their agenda. I don't even know where a faggot brigade may be found let alone know enough faggots to necessitate a catagory for them. <:checkem:497946864650289166> Maga

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There's no such thing as fossil fuels. Oil, coal, and all of that shit is produced naturally by the earth. The millions of tons of fuel we use everyday would have used up all the billions of "dinosaurs" by now. The fossil fuel term is to make you believe it's scarce and irreplaceable when it's more abundant than most commodities like diamonds. It's a renewable resource.

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not only that but it turns out you can produce gasoline from algae @Bukkakemon

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Biogasoline is gasoline produced from biomass such as algae. Like traditionally produced gasoline, it contains between 6 (hexane) and 12 (dodecane) carbon atoms per molecule and can be used in internal-combustion engines. Biogasoline is chemically different from biobutanol and bioethanol, as these are alcohols, not hydrocarbons.

Companies such as Diversified Energy Corporation are developing approaches to take triglyceride inputs and through a process of deoxygenation and reforming (cracking, isomerizing, aromatizing, and producing cyclic molecules) producing biogasoline. This biogasoline is intended to match the chemical, kinetic, and combustion characteristics of its petroleum counterpart, but with much higher octane levels. Others are pursuing similar approaches based on hydrotreating. And lastly still others are focused on the use of woody biomass for conversion to biogasoline using enzymatic processes.

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we can now synthesize gasoline without fracking or destroying entire rainforests so the dems can suck it <:SmugPepe:533785793232371722>

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@Bukkakemon right on. We need to hammer this point home. Muh boomers still believe we're running on dinosaur bones, please, ffs

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My understanding on the algae fuel is it's still super expensive to make, maybe in the near future the cost would come down. Simple fact is, oil is the most energy dense material on this earth that is plentiful and cost effective to produce. Plus, one of these companies pays me (and a lot of other Americans) very good $ to help make it.

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stop eating or drinking before watching this tweet vid

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You've got a weak stomach

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<a:2857_PepeDontHaveTime:536651605907341322> <a:pepeclap:407708943758917633>

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Yeah change my nickname

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My nickname best

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Are they sharing a shelf at the morgue or what?

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McCabe’s excuse for his treasonous actions... I hope this story helps him sleep well at night when he makes it to GITMO.

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with Barr in shit will start happening I hope

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bls brosecute

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Watch "Live: Senate to vote on border deal to avoid shutdown" on YouTube

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dup btfo

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who's ready for a showdown!!!?

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