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2019-02-17 10:01:25 UTC  

and when u move to calif from a much colder climate, it's only natural to cut ur hair shorter to adapt to the change in climate

2019-02-17 10:04:01 UTC  

majority of women i seen during the mid 80's living in so-calif areas had short hair

2019-02-17 10:10:38 UTC  

That picture wasn't the reason I questioned "it". I questioned her/him because they were having an interview, and it just sounded like a dude who went through HRT. Same with Tea Leoni the star of Madam Secretary

2019-02-17 17:20:43 UTC  

#MeToo: West Hollywood Mayor Who Honored Stormy Daniels Faces Calls to Resign over Sexual Harassment Claims | Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

2019-02-17 17:47:05 UTC  

@e⁻ based on my experiences, dont do it. The church is an institution of the demiurge. If you want to know the true word of god look within yourself.

2019-02-17 17:48:50 UTC  

everyone carries a "divine spark" or "Inner light" from the true god

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Whole bunch of supposed Rothschild emails with passwords

2019-02-17 18:55:47 UTC  

Q is going banshee.

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I should include the +

2019-02-17 19:02:53 UTC  

Anybody else get goosebumps from this shit every single time? God, I love it!

2019-02-17 19:05:53 UTC  

For sure

2019-02-17 19:11:55 UTC  

Double zero delta! Holy fuck!

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Kek good one

2019-02-18 00:42:12 UTC  

Q- people will be waking up to....something big coming.....tomorrow is presidents day 🤔

2019-02-18 00:43:03 UTC  

Who is this guy???

2019-02-18 00:45:13 UTC  

👆SNL Kenan.... used to be on nickelodeon Kenan & Kell show when kids

2019-02-18 01:52:42 UTC  

Ok what did I miss with Kenan?

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Watch "Rep. Ratcliffe says Andrew McCabe ’s story has major holes in it"

2019-02-18 08:47:55 UTC  

12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames