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2017-08-16 05:48:18 UTC  

our wikipedia article rocks

2017-08-16 05:53:14 UTC  

I just realized that every college makes you set up a linked in because thats how you "get jobs goy"

we need better opsec instuctions for people

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Don't lie Shaun, or should I say Douglas Murray. I totally recognize your voice.

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@RyanM all the dingos sound the same to me

2017-08-16 05:56:20 UTC  

Go on Youtube and look up Douglas Murray really good Brittish right winger, Shaun sounds exactly like him to me.

2017-08-16 06:07:29 UTC  

fuck, guys. can't believe they shut down

2017-08-16 06:07:49 UTC  

dammit do we have to go back to Tor now?

2017-08-16 06:07:58 UTC  

I'm mad, it was a great name

2017-08-16 06:08:02 UTC  

damn chinese can't even respect the wang

2017-08-16 06:08:17 UTC  

i've never seen such disrespect for wangs

2017-08-16 06:08:31 UTC  

the level of hatred

2017-08-16 06:08:41 UTC  

@andrewanglin I'm ingnorant on the technial concerns, are Pax's statements about creating a new registrar realistic?

2017-08-16 06:09:02 UTC  

i haven't seen it but that would take some time

2017-08-16 06:09:02 UTC  

couldn't stop laughing hearing you talk about the wang on tds

2017-08-16 06:09:03 UTC  

for sure

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I'm glad Trump stuck up for us today, big white pill

2017-08-16 06:09:16 UTC  

i need up now

2017-08-16 06:09:22 UTC  

can't fucking stand this shit

2017-08-16 06:11:14 UTC  

excuse my igrnoance, but are there not registrars out of country that you could register with?

2017-08-16 06:12:31 UTC  

.wang was chinese

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@andrewanglin I know you're in nigeria, but can you hop in chat?

2017-08-16 06:12:36 UTC  

he was using china

2017-08-16 06:12:50 UTC  

it would be funny using a nigerian one though

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you know how ships use "flags of convenince?" Does a similar thing exist for domains?

2017-08-16 06:13:58 UTC  

could we secure a .(nig country here) domain via sheckles?

2017-08-16 06:14:53 UTC  

anyone see this yet
looks like the people shilling 8pol are stepping it up.

2017-08-16 06:14:53 UTC  

Putin is doing a shitty job running the alt right if he can't even get us domains

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2017-08-16 06:16:44 UTC  

What was the reason they gave you for the seizure of the .wang domain?

2017-08-16 06:17:58 UTC  


2017-08-16 06:18:25 UTC  

can we get some tl;dr up in here?

2017-08-16 06:18:31 UTC  

those are some long ass articles

2017-08-16 06:18:50 UTC  

As mentioned before, centralized infiltration, as is evident in Sunstein's
musings, shows no outreach program to the unaligned. Their only plan is to
engage in perpetual demonization of the fringes to support centralized modes
of government. Once these laws happen and the arrests start, then the
unaligned will finally be brought into it.. but not as supporters.... as
potential terrorists. The alt-right and the chans will be mass detained and
the world will cheer, which will setup a cycle of greater and greater
detainments. Mrs. Clinton has already made mention of going after those
engaging in wrongthink. Meanwhile, her false echo chambers will shouw: "We
stopped hate! YAaaaay!" This will result in more and more innocent people
being targeted by these draconian laws and no amount of mass media will work
to smooth it out because of the very layout of echo chambers today.

2017-08-16 06:19:11 UTC  

thier plan didn't really work for the election though

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Kike Roman Polanski accused of child rape, again...

2017-08-16 06:23:26 UTC  

never 4get the teal deer