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2017-08-16 07:24:11 UTC  

I'm gonna have to show him how to use the dark web now.

2017-08-16 07:24:19 UTC  

the fucking conocaust was a major ordeal, now i'm just remembering all these problems i have

2017-08-16 07:25:12 UTC  

real talk @andrewanglin, what can we do to help?

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2017-08-16 07:25:32 UTC  

i don't think anything now, she's just gonna have to deal with it

2017-08-16 07:26:03 UTC  

is there a geo that will give you a domain?

2017-08-16 07:26:18 UTC  

like some shit tier african or south american domain?

2017-08-16 07:26:44 UTC  

venezeuela is hurting for sheckles, right?

2017-08-16 07:27:21 UTC

2017-08-16 07:31:22 UTC  

can't tell if that's real

2017-08-16 07:31:30 UTC

2017-08-16 07:32:11 UTC  

Got your cat fixed or something else?

2017-08-16 07:32:35 UTC  

no this is a found cat.

2017-08-16 07:32:41 UTC  

or rather i've been found by it

2017-08-16 07:32:47 UTC  

I mean what's the cone for.

2017-08-16 07:32:49 UTC  

on the day of charlottesville

2017-08-16 07:32:58 UTC  

she keeps licking a wound

2017-08-16 07:33:09 UTC  

i think from a dog bite

2017-08-16 07:33:18 UTC  

The devil has sent you a familiar to help him do your evil Nazi work.

2017-08-16 07:33:24 UTC  


2017-08-16 07:33:24 UTC  

help you*

2017-08-16 07:35:22 UTC  

Bell, Book and Swastika

2017-08-16 07:35:26 UTC  

cats are evil @andrewanglin, be careful

2017-08-16 07:35:45 UTC  

it's cool

2017-08-16 07:35:48 UTC  

evil is the new good

2017-08-16 07:35:57 UTC  

Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Alt Right

2017-08-16 07:36:07 UTC  

You get toxoplasmosis from touching their poo and it gets into your brain and makes you bi.

2017-08-16 07:43:58 UTC  

Please share widely!!FYI: Berkeley “Rally” scheduled for 8/27
Berkeley Stands Against Hate
The City of Berkeley has received many emails and calls about the impending
August 27 white nationalist rally at Civic Center Park. We want to
reiterate that the city has not approved this gathering. It is an event
organized online. No one has tried to obtain a permit nor has one been
This rally, and its hateful rhetoric, is not welcome in Berkeley. We are
currently exploring all options. The city will keep residents informed as
the date approaches.
I also want to be clear that anyone who threatens to engage in violence --
and we have seen from earlier events that this is exactly their intent --
will be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We urge
residents to avoid the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park on this day.
The best way to silence the white nationalists is by turning your back on
their message. (Stay tuned for updates from us about how to positively send
a message that the hate will not be tolerated.)
I think residents understand the extremely difficult position Berkeley
finds itself in, made even more so by dealing with an amorphous group with
no specific organizers. I want to reiterate that we will not allow our
community to be terrorized by a small band of white supremacists whose
ideology of hate is a losing one. Berkeley is proud of its multiculturalism
and diversity, and we will continue to stand united against those who want
to divide us.
Jesse Arreguin
Mayor of Berkeley
2180 Milvia St. Fifth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704P

2017-08-16 07:59:12 UTC  


2017-08-16 08:03:50 UTC  

"We urge residents to avoid the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park..."
OMG such racism, Berkeley needs to check its privilege

2017-08-16 08:05:45 UTC  

the part where cantwell talking about violence makes her pussy get drenched is some great content

2017-08-16 08:06:42 UTC  

@Zorost That biological programing

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2017-08-16 08:11:51 UTC  

I just saw a bit of Australian TV news covering Charlottesville.

2017-08-16 08:12:02 UTC  

Major focus of the report was slagging what Trump said.

2017-08-16 08:12:16 UTC  

The car running over the fatty was called an attack.

2017-08-16 08:12:32 UTC  

A David Duke tweet about Trump was mentioned.