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Here you guys go just as i promised

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Nice @Lucifer does it work and why is a pentogram in the center?

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Thanks battle mage

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@PawnWithAPurpose the pentagram is a symbol of the 5 elements water earth fire air and spirit. Each element corresponding to a cardinal direction spirit being in the center.

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Its very important to know this because every elememt has its own characteristics and "personality" and each one has a yin or yang designation.

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Air and water are yin elements earth and fire are yang elements. Spirit is both

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Balance of yin and uang energies are crucial or the spell will not work

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Also one should note it has a heptagram in it too a 7 point star which can correspond to the 7 archangels

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Yep noticed the heptagrams, nice

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@Lucifer Inlustris I like it. my initial reaction was to think it evil, but I think that is programming in my system from my youth. That style of image, symbols inside symbols, etc, I/we are programmed to reject these things rather than inspect them or understand them. Can you translate the Latin for me?

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@Lucifer Inlustris bro, thank you for the dank spell

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@LaserTrain sure when i get home its an ancient latin protection spell

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I grabbed it from one of my grimoires. Even though i dont know how to speak latin i can translate it to the point i can create a sentence its the same with japanese although i understand japanese much better than latin but mainly because latin is a fusional language and japanese os agglutinative

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it wouldnt let me upload it directly

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