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Isnt Q daily? Sorry when im wrong

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Doesnt Q Post daily? Or came Today something? I thought he Post daily something

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Q posts when Q wants to.

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Q post 383 “We have tremendous WW support SATAN has left the WH” Day of Days” Q

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He really was out of the whitehouse check this out. Scripture: Luke 10:18- "I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from heaven"

During Jesus’s time they spoke Aramaic, the most ancient form of Hebrew.
לוקס 10: 18- "אני ראיתי את השטן כמו ברק נופלים מן השמים"

Translate "lightning from heaven" into hebrew 
Supprisingly you will find it to now say "I beheld Satan as Barak O bama. 

Barack- lightning 
O- from 
Bama- the sky/ heaven

Predictive Programming is designing something in a fictional setting multiple times to make it seem implausible to the average person. Which, is why movies like say Jason Bourne are produced. The theory seems out there, but its very real. 9/11 was preprogrammed into our society by the Freemasons, you can see the roman numerials in the Catholic church all over the world.
You also see 9/11 on $20 bill.
Now, remember the controversy of Obama being the antichrist
The Annemarie Hope Instagram picture.

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Jesus himself told us about the fall of Satan. He told us his name
Q told us Satan left the whitehouse

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@yolo20152016 you seriously posting neon nettle shit here?

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That was connected to the Annemarie Hope archived Instagram post.

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Don’t know if it’s the right place for this

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Black vote, red wave, red October?

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Awesome so freaking awesome

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Kanye is redpilling people by the thousands

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Fake news probably

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totally fake

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Difference between fake news and planted news , js

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I think the EO against foreigners infuencing the election may of been tailored for GOOG. Google is stationed in China and also Cali. Diane Feinstein has connects to both areas being the senator, having the spy, and her husband dealings with china. (Mich McConnell's wifes dad is on the board of the bank of china also)

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Essentially, Trump may call out Google prior to midterms to keep them from influencing the election this time and china may have been promoting them to do so

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it's an umbrella for a _bunch_ of stuff

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A: smokescreen to "do something" about Russia
B: shot across the bow to any DS actors in FVEY trying something
C: stealth hit on the actual country causing issues (China, as you said)
D: stealth hit on multinational companies, particularly ones who conveniently have their official operations in Ireland or other countries not the US (GOOG, FB, Twitter...pretty much all of Silicon Valley and still others besides)

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Yep, and those players like Soros

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payers/players, both are correct

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one thing we should all keep in mind is that virtually everything*created for the Plan is usable for multiple different ends, and deliberately worded to be so

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And the trade deals that ppl scrutinize so harshly are likely designed for the coming financial system, not this fiat paradigm we are living thru

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I prefer the term "debt paradigm" because it's based on debt and liabilities

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everyone owes everyone else something, and the desire not to have your debts called in (fear) keeps it going

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if you think through the paradigm logically, you realize that there is literally no actual value in our current financial system, it's a circle-jerk of IOU

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literally, the financial sector, worldwide, is worthless

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China seems to be the really deep, deep state. Our way of thinking about money, human lives and our brainwashing comes from a Dynasty in China who back the elite bloodlines. This is what I have heard about.

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China china china

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more properly, China has been for decades set up to be the next headquarters of the elite, replacing the United States

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Mandela effect... whats that?

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<#489837874393645066> pls. It's not Q related, but it's very spoopy imo

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Plus anything goes in China

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unless it's against the chinese gov