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2017-08-16 20:13:15 UTC  

send it to the email Eli mentions, it's specifically for this purpose

2017-08-16 20:16:49 UTC  

Hahahaha. Our TX state leader just got a call from Cernobitch requesting him to stop calling him a kike faggot to which Phillip promptly called him a like faggot.

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2017-08-16 20:17:55 UTC  

We have the best goys

2017-08-16 20:19:46 UTC  

The forum is still up.

2017-08-16 20:21:19 UTC  

He is a kike faggot tho.

2017-08-16 20:24:25 UTC  

If we go back no nazi symbolism

2017-08-16 20:25:06 UTC  

Spencer I/E model is best for success

2017-08-16 20:25:15 UTC  

It really is

2017-08-16 20:25:25 UTC  

I think the leadership already said that about sat right? But people did it anyway

2017-08-16 20:25:34 UTC  

Plus when you look good you feel good

2017-08-16 20:25:45 UTC  

That's correct.

2017-08-16 20:25:58 UTC  

No the leadership were open to everyone

2017-08-16 20:26:12 UTC  

No we requested to swazis

2017-08-16 20:26:37 UTC  

Oh ok. I thought i read no salutes or 1930s LARPing

2017-08-16 20:26:38 UTC  

Requested but next time there needs to be enforcement

2017-08-16 20:26:41 UTC  

It was some random dude that didn't look like he was affiliated

2017-08-16 20:26:56 UTC  

Like not allowed in

2017-08-16 20:27:23 UTC  

We need to have better top down organization and we need to follow orders

2017-08-16 20:27:51 UTC  

Well TBH if he hadn't been allowed in he would have been on the street and gotten injured severely

2017-08-16 20:27:54 UTC  

The right wing is supposed to LOVE following orders haha i do

2017-08-16 20:28:09 UTC  

yea ... what do u think the odds are we have some infiltrators people doing this shit to make us look bad

2017-08-16 20:28:20 UTC  

I'd say pretty good odds

2017-08-16 20:28:25 UTC  


2017-08-16 20:28:45 UTC  

What about tut Jewish dudes doing the salute at Spencer's inaug speech?

2017-08-16 20:28:50 UTC  

but i'm pretty red pilled on WW2 revesionism but can't see any vaulue in using Swaticas and shit

2017-08-16 20:28:52 UTC  

Everyone loves Fascism until they get told what to do by another man. This ain't a democracy it's a dictatorship and their are dictators

2017-08-16 20:29:00 UTC  

@The Goy Scout with Tila Tequila

2017-08-16 20:29:01 UTC  

And a chink haha

2017-08-16 20:29:13 UTC  

Ya that was ridiculous

2017-08-16 20:29:19 UTC  

porn star chink

2017-08-16 20:30:28 UTC  

Again someone made this point on the forum but HH was obsessed with public optics it's how you win.

2017-08-16 20:30:37 UTC  

who is HH ?

2017-08-16 20:30:54 UTC  


2017-08-16 20:31:18 UTC  

hateful heretic?

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2017-08-16 20:31:31 UTC  

I miss him

2017-08-16 20:31:56 UTC  

Howard Hughes

2017-08-16 20:32:06 UTC  

i mean part of me fears that RamZpaul might be right to some extent

2017-08-16 20:32:10 UTC  

Why do you think SJW's are such a huge turn off aside from everything else they look disgusting