Message from Captain Furfag JT in Turtle Hermit School #modchat

2018-11-01 21:41:29 UTC  

also <#489840858548535306> please

2018-11-01 21:41:30 UTC  

for some rason read was unticked on the global for the category

2018-11-01 21:41:44 UTC  

errr send kek

2018-11-01 21:42:34 UTC  


2018-11-03 09:56:20 UTC  

Hey 👋

2018-11-03 12:59:38 UTC  

Hey @👑 King Futurama how are you doing?

2018-11-03 13:00:00 UTC  

How’s school?

2018-11-03 13:00:31 UTC  

Young Republican Club?

2018-11-03 13:49:48 UTC  

@Bellalu just living the school life, the Republican club has not started yet

2018-11-03 13:51:37 UTC  

Too bad! You could do a field trip to in play districts and knock on doors. Maybe get extra credit! Your Spanish teacher is missing a huge opportunity before midterms!

2018-11-03 13:51:54 UTC  
2018-11-03 15:39:16 UTC  

@Bellalu too bad we couldn't go to the History Museum of Q -- with details of the Qanon movement being founded by John F. Kennedy! Darn 😃

2018-11-04 00:41:30 UTC  

hey guys.. anyone know where to find the bread?

2018-11-04 05:23:33 UTC  

*proud papa*

2018-11-04 05:24:01 UTC  

*wipes tear from eye*

2018-11-04 05:24:09 UTC  

they grow up so fast

2018-11-04 05:28:06 UTC  


2018-11-12 20:07:02 UTC  

copy that

2018-11-12 20:09:54 UTC  

Please allow me to stay. I'm not a bot. I use this discord channel as an invaluable resource.

2018-11-12 20:11:21 UTC  

lol no worries just post once in awhile if you do get kicked the bot will send you an invite so you can get back no prob

2018-11-12 20:16:11 UTC  

One hour response time is a bit silly no? Some of us work for a living and don't get a chance to check discord until evening

2018-11-12 20:16:59 UTC  

Ah, I see there is an invite, so it's not a big deal, still it seems clunky to assume we are all glued to our phones. I put my phone in a lockbox before I'm allowed into my secure area at work

2018-11-12 20:17:01 UTC  

thats why you get sent an invite

2018-11-12 20:17:34 UTC  

its all good but if people cant be assed to post once in awhile they arent really "on" our server ya dig?

2018-11-12 21:15:25 UTC  

Just saying Love and Light to all. I'd like to stay

2018-11-12 22:04:32 UTC  

Out of interest is the Invite option broken. I just checked and get this...(just the general discord link??) Had someone else test it and it works for them?

You gotta copy pasta it and it will generate the invite button @lucid

2018-11-12 22:05:46 UTC  

I did that just got the discord general link

2018-11-12 22:06:17 UTC  
2018-11-12 22:07:33 UTC  

Its nothing i am doing have generated loads of invites for discords but for some reason no longer works here for me, will just check another server

2018-11-12 22:08:38 UTC  

works for other discord groups for me just not here on QCA?

2018-11-12 22:12:00 UTC  

Did someone enable or do something to fix it? if so thanks as it started to work properly again. If not that was strange.

2018-11-12 22:14:22 UTC  

Now not working again?

2018-11-12 22:14:27 UTC  

@lucid click `edit invite link`

2018-11-12 22:15:47 UTC  

Still nothing... it worked for a bit a min or 2 agao then gone again

2018-11-12 22:17:22 UTC  

I have the perms set so you can make your own I dont know why its not working for you

2018-11-12 22:17:32 UTC  

we have countless invite out form tons of users

2018-11-12 22:18:30 UTC  

it always worked before... and it worked a 5 min ago once. Very odd as working on other discords for me...

2018-11-12 22:18:59 UTC  
2018-11-12 22:19:33 UTC  

but here...