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2018-10-22 21:00:31 UTC  
2018-10-22 21:02:50 UTC  

Hi how do I switch to Lurker role? (Does it exist?) ☺️

2018-10-22 21:23:07 UTC  

@buzzZZzz have you tried adjusting your notification settings?

2018-10-23 00:14:10 UTC  

@b̸̕r̴̨͠e͘͢Λ̢d͢͝b͠͞o̡̕x I don't understand I like all of our discord places so what do we do???? Opt out or not???

2018-10-23 01:08:39 UTC  

But I still want to be able to get Qrole notifications. Just would like to be off Community.

2018-10-23 01:28:20 UTC  


I opted out by sending the email from the email associated with my accounts

essentially it prevents you from filing a class action lawsuit against discord

2018-10-24 00:52:10 UTC  

As far as Outer Haven one question..

2018-10-24 04:48:25 UTC  

@b̸̕r̴̨͠e͘͢Λ̢d͢͝b͠͞o̡̕x I did the same. Did you get any response from them ?

2018-10-24 04:59:28 UTC  

not yet lol but should be legally covered

2018-10-25 15:55:01 UTC  

I think the Democrats sent themselves all these bombs.

2018-10-26 12:21:47 UTC  

anychance of a :shekel: emoji to pay the shills with?

2018-10-26 12:21:53 UTC

2018-10-26 13:20:09 UTC  

shekel added as the command!

2018-10-26 13:20:09 UTC  

Upload an image for me to use! Type `exit` to cancel.

2018-10-26 13:20:26 UTC  

shekel has been added to my files!

2018-10-26 13:21:14 UTC

2018-10-26 13:22:54 UTC  



@pages was there a specific reason you posted this in modchat?

2018-10-27 13:32:31 UTC  

You know, why not?

2018-10-28 01:35:07 UTC  

@P o l i t e c h a l 8 7sorry I hit wrong line meant a live chat to see if ppl wanted to chat about it. Sorry getting confused with so many places.

2018-10-28 02:13:37 UTC  


2018-11-01 21:20:38 UTC  

Could I get link preview perms on <#489840835924328458>

2018-11-01 21:36:05 UTC  

you should have it with the curator role

2018-11-01 21:36:45 UTC  


2018-11-01 21:36:50 UTC  

thanks for the tip

2018-11-01 21:40:49 UTC  

Channel is read only now kek @Captain Furfag JT

2018-11-01 21:41:16 UTC  

check now

2018-11-01 21:41:29 UTC  

also <#489840858548535306> please

2018-11-01 21:41:30 UTC  

for some rason read was unticked on the global for the category

2018-11-01 21:41:44 UTC  

errr send kek

2018-11-01 21:42:34 UTC  


2018-11-03 09:56:20 UTC  

Hey 👋