Message from FastJack in Turtle Hermit School #modchat

You gotta copy pasta it and it will generate the invite button @lucid

2018-11-12 22:05:46 UTC  

I did that just got the discord general link

2018-11-12 22:06:17 UTC  
2018-11-12 22:07:33 UTC  

Its nothing i am doing have generated loads of invites for discords but for some reason no longer works here for me, will just check another server

2018-11-12 22:08:38 UTC  

works for other discord groups for me just not here on QCA?

2018-11-12 22:12:00 UTC  

Did someone enable or do something to fix it? if so thanks as it started to work properly again. If not that was strange.

2018-11-12 22:14:22 UTC  

Now not working again?

2018-11-12 22:14:27 UTC  

@lucid click `edit invite link`

2018-11-12 22:15:47 UTC  

Still nothing... it worked for a bit a min or 2 agao then gone again

2018-11-12 22:17:22 UTC  

I have the perms set so you can make your own I dont know why its not working for you

2018-11-12 22:17:32 UTC  

we have countless invite out form tons of users

2018-11-12 22:18:30 UTC  

it always worked before... and it worked a 5 min ago once. Very odd as working on other discords for me...

2018-11-12 22:18:59 UTC  
2018-11-12 22:19:33 UTC  

but here...

2018-11-12 22:19:59 UTC  

is all I get... never mind will log out and back in later and report back

2018-11-12 22:24:45 UTC  

no worries i''ll see if we can troubleshoot it

2018-11-12 22:25:20 UTC  

thanks I was just testing thats all and noticed.

2018-11-12 22:26:05 UTC  

posted a permanant link in <#489832449946157083> for the time being

2018-11-12 22:26:31 UTC  
2018-11-14 01:40:01 UTC  

What’s with the ghost posting now?

2018-11-14 01:41:42 UTC  

its amazing

2018-11-14 05:05:13 UTC  

who is making all these systemic changes that don't need to be made lol

2018-11-14 05:08:30 UTC  


2018-11-14 05:08:43 UTC  

the owner with feedback

2018-11-14 05:08:48 UTC  

lol who enjoys the typo in the server name

2018-11-14 05:09:02 UTC  


2018-11-14 05:09:34 UTC  

good looking out anon

2018-11-14 05:10:25 UTC  

I thought the typo was intentional

2018-11-14 05:10:30 UTC  

Shows what I know

2018-11-14 05:10:33 UTC  

no lol

2018-11-14 05:11:13 UTC  

we are basically going back to the origonal intent for this server back when we started on discord and commiting to it

2018-11-14 05:28:26 UTC  
2018-11-14 05:28:34 UTC  

wtf kek

2018-11-14 10:15:27 UTC  

better to get a bigger set of legos and build ur own wall of any color u want

2018-11-14 13:24:30 UTC  

can i ask what DBZ's about? i never post on this server 'coz i don't know enough about Q but i do lurk so wouldn't want to be kicked off thx. i'm very skeptical but if anyone can shed some light on why the fuck the dems are being allowed to steal the fucking midterms i'd be much obliged.

2018-11-14 13:29:45 UTC  

even if you get booted by the bot you can return my dude. we all grew up with dbz and we already name our voice chats and some roles after DBZ.

2018-11-14 13:30:18 UTC  

also how else can you catch them

2018-11-14 17:16:51 UTC  

Let's do some upside down situps at 10x gravity and just see where we go from there

2018-11-16 06:50:05 UTC  

how would I set my relationship status from “it’s complicated” to “single”? Asking for a fren

2018-11-16 14:20:06 UTC  

Go on Facebook and ask there

2018-11-16 14:58:21 UTC  

Just post tits. They'll figure it out.