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2017-03-07 17:01:36 UTC  

it's a good chant

2017-03-07 17:01:38 UTC  

side note im a white nationalist

2017-03-07 17:01:45 UTC  

with the any thing you sort of need to pause in between phrases.

2017-03-07 17:01:53 UTC  

could just use both actually

2017-03-07 17:02:04 UTC  

yeah so for a chant all colors all classes working to kick commie asses works better

2017-03-07 17:02:46 UTC  

could be "together to kick commie asses" actually

2017-03-07 17:02:54 UTC  

i dunno tbh

2017-03-07 17:03:16 UTC  

the "working to" bit probably isn't too long, but might be a tiny bit unwieldy, so i'm trying to think of something to replace it

2017-03-07 17:03:20 UTC  

yeah true

2017-03-07 17:03:39 UTC  

All Colors
All Classes
Joined To Kick Commie Asses?

2017-03-07 17:03:59 UTC  

here to kick commie asses

2017-03-07 17:04:03 UTC  


2017-03-07 17:04:06 UTC  

oo yeah

2017-03-07 17:04:33 UTC  


2017-03-07 17:04:36 UTC  


2017-03-07 17:05:32 UTC  

anyways I'm out to shower and then check out a mil surp store across town, cyas

2017-03-07 17:05:47 UTC

2017-03-07 17:06:12 UTC  

k so we're agreed on "all colors all classes here to kick commie asses"

2017-03-07 17:07:52 UTC anyone that has an imgur upboat this to try and get it traction, if we can frontpage it would be nice to spread amoung normies

2017-03-07 17:09:03 UTC

2017-03-07 17:09:06 UTC  

template 4u

2017-03-07 17:10:42 UTC

2017-03-07 17:13:10 UTC  


2017-03-07 17:41:45 UTC  

not even surprised

2017-03-07 17:51:42 UTC  

Fucking hell

2017-03-07 17:52:02 UTC  

So the CIA was trolling the FBI by false flagging as the ruskies?

2017-03-07 17:52:34 UTC  

>mfw this is the equivalent of /pol/ raiding another board and blaming it on /a/ or some shit

2017-03-07 17:53:58 UTC  

Except the consequences of a 4chan raid are more piss in a ocean of piss but the consequences of this is a potential world war.

2017-03-07 17:54:30 UTC  

Plus it could also be considered treason.

2017-03-07 17:54:31 UTC  

>the CIA took our trolling tactics and escalated them

2017-03-07 17:55:32 UTC  


2017-03-07 17:57:18 UTC  

>CIA pretends to be Russia when hacking
>CIA anonymously accuses Trump of working with Russia
>"""Russian""" hackers hack some shit
>this is used against Trump
>CIA has literally framed their commander in chief.

2017-03-07 18:14:07 UTC  

Night of the long knives when?

2017-03-07 18:16:27 UTC  

Sooner than any of us may think

2017-03-07 18:16:35 UTC  


2017-03-07 18:16:50 UTC  

Cia is very good at fighting itself

2017-03-07 18:17:00 UTC  

>everyone was saying wikileaks was CIA

2017-03-07 18:17:05 UTC  

>wikileaks shits on CIA

2017-03-07 18:17:18 UTC  

>implies CIA acted as russians during hacking

2017-03-07 18:17:28 UTC  

>CIA shits on russia