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2017-08-18 19:44:03 UTC  

Welcome to the Bengali Cuisine discord.

2017-08-18 19:44:06 UTC  

don't forget to make it home before sun down Chris

2017-08-18 19:45:09 UTC  

Of course I just have to stop at the bagel store to get some bagels on the way home from my work at the bank

2017-08-18 19:45:25 UTC  

Make sure you get some lox.

2017-08-18 19:45:41 UTC  

good thinking, we did homemade bagels this week

2017-08-18 19:45:59 UTC  

@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia I helped redpill him

2017-08-18 19:46:20 UTC  

Who naked ape? @Arminius

2017-08-18 19:46:30 UTC  

yeah faggot ape, he's pretty much on our team.

2017-08-18 19:46:33 UTC  

He's still a faggot though

2017-08-18 19:46:48 UTC  

As far as I know he's not white either

2017-08-18 19:46:57 UTC  

I kept playing them hitler speeches and stuff and they grew to like it.

2017-08-18 19:47:06 UTC  

Maximum judaism

2017-08-18 19:47:07 UTC  

he is white I think.

2017-08-18 19:47:21 UTC

2017-08-18 19:47:32 UTC  


2017-08-18 19:47:46 UTC  

Idk if you look at his streams he talks about his boyfriend as white implying he's non white

2017-08-18 19:48:03 UTC  

they are both white

2017-08-18 19:48:04 UTC  

It's honestly really amazing how jewish American media is

2017-08-18 19:48:10 UTC  


2017-08-18 19:48:19 UTC  

He points him out as white though

2017-08-18 19:48:25 UTC  

Makes me suspicious

2017-08-18 19:48:40 UTC  

do you remember when he put the hitler did nothing wrong song in his video?

2017-08-18 19:48:48 UTC  

Daily Stormer is up for me

2017-08-18 19:48:51 UTC  

Daily Stormer is up for me

2017-08-18 19:48:54 UTC

2017-08-18 19:48:59 UTC  

I kept playing it on a bot to them, and they couldnt figure out how to stop the bot before they decided they really liked it lol

2017-08-18 19:49:07 UTC  

Yeah I know he's redpilled but I'm still not sure about it

2017-08-18 19:49:29 UTC  

Oh noes we got btfo

2017-08-18 19:50:00 UTC  
2017-08-18 19:50:06 UTC  

@Kaiser Wilhelm II stay a slave goy

2017-08-18 19:50:28 UTC  
2017-08-18 19:50:47 UTC  

@Horatio Cary what's better?

2017-08-18 19:50:58 UTC  
2017-08-18 19:51:17 UTC  

If Jesus was from god I doubt he got the genes from mary

2017-08-18 19:51:41 UTC  

She's pretty much just a surrogate

2017-08-18 19:52:55 UTC  

Enjoy the silence @D'Marcus Liebowitz

2017-08-18 19:52:55 UTC  

@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia notice how "his mother was a jew" no mention of father.

2017-08-18 19:53:04 UTC  

They are mask slipping hard.