Message from Decimus_Pax_Britainnia in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-20 01:44:42 UTC  

The portal was destroyed

2017-08-20 01:44:59 UTC  

Atlantis was the portal point and we fucking destroyed it

2017-08-20 01:45:03 UTC  

Also, they are on your television show "Game of Thrones"

2017-08-20 01:45:11 UTC  

Like the fucking nogs we are

2017-08-20 01:45:12 UTC  

The Ice-people

2017-08-20 01:45:18 UTC  

The white walkers?

2017-08-20 01:45:21 UTC  


2017-08-20 01:45:42 UTC  

What RR Martin doesnt tell you is that the white walkers are actually the children of the forest

2017-08-20 01:45:55 UTC  

Is game of thrones actually just another planet that's being live streamed directly to earth?

2017-08-20 01:46:08 UTC  

and they split off from the others because the children of the forest wanted to let in other non-kin species

2017-08-20 01:46:18 UTC  

Are you keeping watch of that one too?

2017-08-20 01:46:19 UTC  

That would blow my mind Gray

2017-08-20 01:46:43 UTC  

When the GRIDS hits you hard.

2017-08-20 01:46:55 UTC  

RR Martin is a historian for their planet

2017-08-20 01:47:54 UTC  

That individual...I just looked him up in our "exam" database

2017-08-20 01:47:57 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ hey there construction worker

2017-08-20 01:48:17 UTC

2017-08-20 01:48:29 UTC  

He has a history of drug abuse and mental derangement

2017-08-20 01:48:41 UTC  

He enjoys touching children and injecting opiods

2017-08-20 01:48:47 UTC  

@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia when one has a drake album cover tattoo, they need a woodchipper.

2017-08-20 01:49:08 UTC  
2017-08-20 01:49:19 UTC  

@Gray yeah I figured as much

2017-08-20 01:49:49 UTC  

He also likes making women out to be strong females who don't need no maine

2017-08-20 01:49:53 UTC  

we wuz primitives n shieeeet

2017-08-20 01:50:04 UTC  

no, we actually didnt invent women

2017-08-20 01:50:06 UTC  

We wuz lizards and shiet

2017-08-20 01:50:14 UTC  

they are a biological anomoly

2017-08-20 01:50:32 UTC  
2017-08-20 01:50:42 UTC  

Broke : white aryan women in wheat fields

2017-08-20 01:50:42 UTC  

Men used to be able to reproduce by ejaculating into the ground

2017-08-20 01:51:01 UTC  

Woke : ayylmaos in wheat fields

2017-08-20 01:51:22 UTC  

Wheat fields were actually the spawn of mass-produced children

2017-08-20 01:51:34 UTC  

shloke: 2D waifus in bamboo thickets

2017-08-20 01:51:37 UTC  

Sloak : hyperborian giants in wheat fields

2017-08-20 01:52:06 UTC  


2017-08-20 01:52:11 UTC  

Groke: Aryan galactic nazi aliens ejaculating to make wheat fields

2017-08-20 01:52:48 UTC  

Loke : yourself making wheat fields in the matrix

2017-08-20 01:53:23 UTC  

The matrix is actually something we tried to do for the Jews. The movie trilogy release was a "hit piece" done by Jewish brothers

2017-08-20 01:53:25 UTC  

Yelok : wheat fields made of coding

2017-08-20 01:53:54 UTC  

So are we in the matrix

2017-08-20 01:53:58 UTC