Message from mooples in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-20 04:55:59 UTC  

I hope they keep going, sure they will since they have financial backing

2017-08-20 04:59:59 UTC  

trs is still down right yall?

2017-08-20 05:00:20 UTC  

Well the forum's up apparantly

2017-08-20 05:00:32 UTC  

Main site's up too

2017-08-20 05:00:47 UTC  

oh really, im getting a 503 error

2017-08-20 05:00:57 UTC  
2017-08-20 05:01:19 UTC  
2017-08-20 05:01:54 UTC  

For some stupid reason and don't direct to

2017-08-20 05:02:17 UTC  

Works for me, both forum and site

2017-08-20 05:02:30 UTC  

Yeah it's all up, was just the subdomain

2017-08-20 05:03:01 UTC  

thanks, apparently im partially stupid af

2017-08-20 05:03:02 UTC  

I guess we don't get to evolve to forum V5 as of yet.

2017-08-20 05:03:18 UTC  

This one has been really resiliant, I don't think we've had a forum version last this long since 2

2017-08-20 05:03:20 UTC  

@AureiPueri nah it's not your fault tbh

2017-08-20 05:04:04 UTC  

@mooples say no to hate

2017-08-20 05:04:07 UTC  

love don't hate

2017-08-20 05:04:37 UTC  

i say yes to hate. Anyone who has hated knows that it makes you incredibly productive

2017-08-20 05:05:09 UTC  

Get angery

2017-08-20 05:05:52 UTC  


2017-08-20 05:09:40 UTC  

okay i'm gonna make breakfast and get on with day, see ya kyle

2017-08-20 05:10:02 UTC  

bye friend

2017-08-20 05:16:41 UTC  

Annnd Gab is down again...

2017-08-20 05:16:48 UTC  

Probably some faggot DDoSing

2017-08-20 05:17:25 UTC  

All leftist/non-white DDoSers should have their hands chopped off in the future

2017-08-20 05:18:24 UTC  

Still waiting for FtN

2017-08-20 05:22:34 UTC  

I'm just waiting for the Nation to be fashed, TBH

2017-08-20 05:28:35 UTC  

@here git up n chat foolz

2017-08-20 05:34:11 UTC  


2017-08-20 05:34:41 UTC  

I asked a simple question to him in this and he blocked me

2017-08-20 05:34:51 UTC  

I asked him why he was cucking

2017-08-20 05:35:17 UTC  

Baked Alaska is an alt-lite cuck.

2017-08-20 05:35:51 UTC  

and they'll still call him a nazi

2017-08-20 05:36:05 UTC  

White america needs to learn it's either us or the gulag

2017-08-20 05:36:45 UTC  

It's probably best to point out that distancing himself does no good. Radical centrism is a dead end.

2017-08-20 05:36:47 UTC  

@Arminius That nigger needs to larp as an apple.

2017-08-20 05:37:37 UTC  

He really should have told all the people harrassing him to get in the oven.

2017-08-20 05:37:47 UTC  

These animals aren't used to hearing it.

2017-08-20 05:38:31 UTC  

Will to power.