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Best timeline if true.

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🍁 <:BlobHyperThink:317088659331481600>

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TFW I'm listening to Radio Derb and Reniassance Radio because everything else I like got shoahed off the internet.

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Wow, I just got in an argument with some douchebag on youtube. He was arguing that james fields must be a terrorist, because Sessions is charging him with Terrorism. I pointed out that sessions was INVESTIGATING him for terrorism, and that no terrorism charges exist as of yet. James Field's car attack was unlikely to be planned ahead of time and involved no other people and nobody telling him to do it. He shot back that "premeditation doesn't require that somebody plan something hours ahead of time." Yes, but absence of any evidence of a plan whatsoever makes such a thing impossible to charge. SO I shot back with a link to the charges, and sure enough, Fields is being charged with SECOND degree murder, which means "not premeditated." So the prosecution seems to agree with me.

2017-08-20 20:48:31 UTC  

So we have a non premeditated attack that wasn't necessarily meant to cause any death against counterprotestors that were blocking cars and preventing them to leave while threatening the people in those cars. How is that "terrorism?"

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its well established that people liek the clown you had the discussion with on youtube are complete and total fucktards

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they have their minds made up and no amount of facts will change their view

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Because these fucking sheep believe everything msm tells them and these "republicans" don't help.

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they are a lost cause

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After the Scalise shooting, the GOP should have gone scorched earth

2017-08-20 20:51:10 UTC  

attacked the MSM, antifa, etc

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I hope the next Bernie supporter bags all the cucks.

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If the brake is lit you must aquit

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They don't like being told George W Bush supporters are more intelligent

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That's a good jab

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ANybody have that "if the breaks are lit, you must acquit" meme

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This is what happens if you stop

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@everyone Hey twitter niggers
Time to burn the alt kike

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fucking wew

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That face

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Fucking kikess

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It looks like a weird mask

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What an unfortunate looking person

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She cant run from those kike genes.

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Le squashed Merchant

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Im not sure what its called but the jump scare prank game where you trae a maze and then a face pops up and screams at you. There should be a loomer version

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Force the normies to confront their "these people used to be leftists" meme.

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Any update on our Martyr from New Hampshire?

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We had a guy go down?

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What's going on in NH?