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2017-08-21 03:12:22 UTC  

Mcnabb is underrated

2017-08-21 03:13:00 UTC

2017-08-21 03:14:39 UTC  

@spadegunner extremely

2017-08-21 03:14:59 UTC  

@Lupus_Dei - NC Signed by varg and his waifu. Nice.

2017-08-21 03:15:23 UTC  

Thank you

2017-08-21 03:17:10 UTC  

one day when i have a spare $600 I'm gonna buy an original press of Hvis Lyset Tar Oss.

2017-08-21 03:18:29 UTC  

I need more money so I can buy myself more merch. I want a copy of Dawn of the Black Hearts to frame

2017-08-21 03:20:34 UTC  

I have a huge poster of the first carcass album

2017-08-21 03:21:39 UTC  

heartwork is a masterpiece

2017-08-21 03:22:36 UTC  

Yep. Surgical steel is really good as well.

2017-08-21 03:22:37 UTC  

I got a copy of Vargsmal that I need to read.

2017-08-21 03:22:44 UTC  

Saw them live a few years back.

2017-08-21 03:22:55 UTC  

And also copy into a pdf since I can't find it anywhere

2017-08-21 03:23:06 UTC  

I went to a live carcass concert in 2013 in chicago after surgical steel came out. Was easily the best show ive ever been to

2017-08-21 03:24:37 UTC  

Best concert Ive seen was either Godflesh or Epica.

2017-08-21 03:24:50 UTC  

But i liked them for completely different reasons.

2017-08-21 03:25:12 UTC  

you like primus @☇Unlimited Power☇ ?

2017-08-21 03:28:13 UTC  

@mooples a little bit.

2017-08-21 03:28:41 UTC  

Sailing on the seas of cheese is a really good album.

2017-08-21 03:30:09 UTC  

yea thats my fav

2017-08-21 03:30:17 UTC  

fav primus that is

2017-08-21 03:34:05 UTC

2017-08-21 03:34:05 UTC

2017-08-21 03:34:06 UTC

2017-08-21 03:34:06 UTC

2017-08-21 03:34:10 UTC  

would race mix

2017-08-21 03:42:36 UTC

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2017-08-21 03:47:43 UTC  

Thoughts on this group? I'd never heard of them.

2017-08-21 03:49:08 UTC  

They're doing a great job, from what I've seen. They played a huge role in winning Berkeley for us.

2017-08-21 03:49:35 UTC  

Although I don't know that much about them yet.

2017-08-21 03:50:43 UTC  

They seem to have their shit together. I'm glad these groups are springing up. It's about bringing them under a larger banner that will be the hardest part

2017-08-21 03:51:07 UTC  

I like that they seem to be going for quality over quantity.

2017-08-21 03:51:30 UTC  

We /Freikorps/ now

2017-08-21 03:53:50 UTC  

They have the optics down.

2017-08-21 03:54:48 UTC  

Maybe some would find the masks a little offputting, but everyone's in shape and no one's going overboard with the LARPing.

2017-08-21 03:55:55 UTC  

The anti-drug message is also a nice touch.

2017-08-21 03:57:51 UTC  

I agree, straight edge is good optics.

2017-08-21 03:59:41 UTC  

I think it's time the alt right only spoke in terms like

2017-08-21 03:59:44 UTC