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he's itching for rahowa as are his colleagues

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lol silly jews

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>Female Rabbis

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hes good

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Damn......thats some good trolling

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"I dont know what that means..."😂

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Stockholm Syndrome

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There was no "group" that killed Heather Hayer.

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she and a crowd of other people were in the street harassing cars that were trying to leave. We can't repeat this enough.

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I've had people "Reeeeeeeeeee" in response to me saying this

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she was also taking up a lot of surface area

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whos fault is that

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you don't have a god given right to harass cars in the street that are just trying to pass through

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it's not like the challenger jumped the curb. He went straight forward and straight back

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will heather heyer make an appearance on a weight loss infomercial she's done really well the past 2 weeks

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maybe can finally get that family portrait

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Cats aren't allowed in the photo studio

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of course the one person who dies is someone with my name

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But in those days, I knew none of this and probably would not have cared if I had known. As previously
mentioned, I attended Atlantic City High School for four years and one of my best friends was a Jew named
Lennie. I not only had no prejudice whatsoever, but liked my Jewish companions immensely for their brilliant
minds and sharp conversations. There was one characteristic of them which shocked and appalled me, but I took
it as simply a characteristic of a few individuals, not a characteristic typical of their whole group, as I have since
sadly learned that it is. This was their nastiness of mind. I assure the reader that I am not concocting this as
propaganda, but sincerely recalling things as they were.
While all the boys, of course, thought of and talked of intercourse and such subjects as rudely and as often as
possible, those who I now realize were Gentiles were thoroughly sex-minded, you might say, but not weird or
depraved, while the Jews -- I remember particularly a hawk-nosed individual -- took a delight I could not
understand in perverted ideas of sex. Hawk-nose particularly dwelt on the idea of intercourse with corpses and
another Jew once wrote a little playlet in which Hawk-nose and two ghoulish friends come to a graveyard to dig
up Rockwell for his vile purposes and speak of the matter with incredible nastiness. I remember being appalled
at the filth of the thing, but also admiring the virtuosity of the writing so much that I glossed over the nature of
this creative piece. I still have this nasty thing in the files from my high school days and one has only to read it
to discover a different kind of mind than will be found in even the coarsest and dirtiest-minded non-Jew.
At the same time, during my senior year in this predominantly Negro and Jewish high school, I was having my
first small-scale political battle and didn't realize it

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kinda like how the one guy who died from a rock throwing palestinian shared my name

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Our will to power is killing off our shitlib doppelgangers.

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you could duck them if you weren't so fat

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@queenarchitect the funny thing about also being a heather heyer is you cant be doxed

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ayy man