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2017-08-25 14:08:22 UTC  

this monstorus Regime should all -------

2017-08-25 14:08:50 UTC  

Of course I also have a dream

2017-08-25 14:08:53 UTC  

another dream

2017-08-25 14:09:12 UTC  

The Reichstag burning with uncontrollable flames with Merkel and the entire German Parliament inside

2017-08-25 14:09:19 UTC  

and all the fire exits blocked

2017-08-25 14:09:50 UTC  

A man can have dreams cant he?

2017-08-25 14:09:51 UTC  

I have a dream that little white boys and little white girls will hold hands while gassing Jews and nogs

2017-08-25 14:10:01 UTC  

Well thats part 2 of the dream

2017-08-25 14:10:12 UTC  

You know what boys

2017-08-25 14:10:26 UTC  

Charlottesville was a Technical Win not an actual but a Technical

2017-08-25 14:10:28 UTC  

you know why

2017-08-25 14:10:34 UTC  


2017-08-25 14:10:40 UTC  


2017-08-25 14:10:46 UTC  

thats why they are lashing out so much

2017-08-25 14:10:49 UTC  

Think about it

2017-08-25 14:11:05 UTC  

White Nationalists been on the Computer since the first servers came about in the 1980s

2017-08-25 14:11:28 UTC  

Ever heard of the movie BETRAYED with Tom Berenger and (((Debra Winger)))?

2017-08-25 14:11:55 UTC

2017-08-25 14:12:07 UTC  

fact check: jews are always scared

2017-08-25 14:12:07 UTC  

Tom Berenger played a guy like Robert Jay Mathews

2017-08-25 14:12:15 UTC  

a farmer from the Midwest

2017-08-25 14:12:24 UTC  

who was the leader of a White Nationalist Org

2017-08-25 14:12:26 UTC  

even as they gloat about your demise they're still thinking about getting shoahed

2017-08-25 14:12:34 UTC  

The Alt-Right has a powerful counter narrative to "American values" when we bring up what the founders really thought and our immigration policies until 1965. This I think is a major reason they are going to be going after everyone including Washington and Jefferson.

2017-08-25 14:12:44 UTC  

and she was a Jewish Agent sent to bring him down. Fact she is a Jew in real life

2017-08-25 14:12:52 UTC  

Jewish Fbi agent

2017-08-25 14:13:09 UTC  

Never heard that one

2017-08-25 14:14:40 UTC  

Orwell the only problem is THE FOUNDERS were Freemasons and saw the Jews as their brethren

2017-08-25 14:14:49 UTC  

Which was a sad part

2017-08-25 14:15:01 UTC  

under the 3 Race Theory Jews were always given White Status

2017-08-25 14:15:16 UTC  

under Thomas Jefferson the First Jew Graduated West Point second overall graduate 1802

2017-08-25 14:15:28 UTC  

The Jews were HEAVILY Democrat because of Jefferson

2017-08-25 14:15:40 UTC  

I know about them I think Bill Cooper did a great job of explaining what they thought and their idea of a " New World".

2017-08-25 14:15:58 UTC  

We also had Jewish politicians by the 1820s and suppsoedly a Jewish governor in Georgia in 1801

2017-08-25 14:16:07 UTC  

though his Jew status is somewhat questionable

2017-08-25 14:16:55 UTC  

They set in motion the catalyst to topple the monarchies throughout Europe. I get that.

2017-08-25 14:17:41 UTC  

You have that video of the Jewish southerner saying white nationalists are stupid when they use the confederate flag because they had a Jewish leader or something

2017-08-25 14:17:46 UTC  

It's more symbology. The narrative that this country was always for everyone that I'm talking about.

2017-08-25 14:18:18 UTC  

I'm not saying they were perfect.

2017-08-25 14:18:33 UTC  

An actual website on the BBC

2017-08-25 14:18:34 UTC  

The odd thing is the Jews always supported the Democrats for the most part. Abraham Lincoln was very close with a Sephardic Jew Abraham Jonas who was from Kentucky via England