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2017-08-25 14:13:09 UTC  

Never heard that one

2017-08-25 14:14:40 UTC  

Orwell the only problem is THE FOUNDERS were Freemasons and saw the Jews as their brethren

2017-08-25 14:14:49 UTC  

Which was a sad part

2017-08-25 14:15:01 UTC  

under the 3 Race Theory Jews were always given White Status

2017-08-25 14:15:16 UTC  

under Thomas Jefferson the First Jew Graduated West Point second overall graduate 1802

2017-08-25 14:15:28 UTC  

The Jews were HEAVILY Democrat because of Jefferson

2017-08-25 14:15:40 UTC  

I know about them I think Bill Cooper did a great job of explaining what they thought and their idea of a " New World".

2017-08-25 14:15:58 UTC  

We also had Jewish politicians by the 1820s and suppsoedly a Jewish governor in Georgia in 1801

2017-08-25 14:16:07 UTC  

though his Jew status is somewhat questionable

2017-08-25 14:16:55 UTC  

They set in motion the catalyst to topple the monarchies throughout Europe. I get that.

2017-08-25 14:17:41 UTC  

You have that video of the Jewish southerner saying white nationalists are stupid when they use the confederate flag because they had a Jewish leader or something

2017-08-25 14:17:46 UTC  

It's more symbology. The narrative that this country was always for everyone that I'm talking about.

2017-08-25 14:18:18 UTC  

I'm not saying they were perfect.

2017-08-25 14:18:33 UTC  

An actual website on the BBC

2017-08-25 14:18:34 UTC  

The odd thing is the Jews always supported the Democrats for the most part. Abraham Lincoln was very close with a Sephardic Jew Abraham Jonas who was from Kentucky via England

2017-08-25 14:18:36 UTC  
2017-08-25 14:18:47 UTC  

most of Jonas's family were all Confederates

2017-08-25 14:18:57 UTC  

his son became a US Senator from Louisiana in 1879

2017-08-25 14:19:12 UTC  

Here's the thing though

2017-08-25 14:19:16 UTC  

Jonas was an oddity

2017-08-25 14:19:32 UTC  

Most of the Sephardic Jewish old Jew Establishment in the USA all supported the Southern Confederacy

2017-08-25 14:19:48 UTC  


2017-08-25 14:19:48 UTC  

in fact the large Confederate scuplture at Arlington was done by a Jewish Confederate

2017-08-25 14:20:07 UTC  

Why did Jews support the confederacy

2017-08-25 14:20:14 UTC  

Well for two reasons

2017-08-25 14:20:34 UTC  

One was because the Confederates were all Democrats and as almost all of the Jews were Democrats it was the natural course

2017-08-25 14:20:50 UTC  

Two was because of the Slave Trade and the Southern Crop trade with England

2017-08-25 14:21:06 UTC  

COtton from New Orleans and such would be brought up to New York City to warehouses

2017-08-25 14:21:12 UTC  


2017-08-25 14:21:22 UTC  

so that the British could sail directly over and pick it up

2017-08-25 14:21:33 UTC  

it was much easier to sail to NYC then all the way to new Orleans

2017-08-25 14:21:40 UTC  

so New York City became a Southern warehouse town

2017-08-25 14:21:58 UTC  

Baltimore was also a Warehosue Town because of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

2017-08-25 14:22:04 UTC  

so was Philadelphia

2017-08-25 14:22:19 UTC  

The Jews controlled the warehouses alot of them

2017-08-25 14:23:47 UTC  

The other problem was Abolitionism was partially based in New Testament Christianity. Some of the Christian groups taught that as Christ said to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD

2017-08-25 14:23:51 UTC  

that meant Negroes

2017-08-25 14:24:07 UTC  

So any perceived Christian Organization was ananthema to Jews

2017-08-25 14:24:26 UTC  

That didnt mean all Abolitonists were Christian plenty were Atheist and some were Jews

2017-08-25 14:24:31 UTC  

Why didn't the north confess all the stuff the south owned in the werehouses

2017-08-25 14:24:35 UTC  

but it started in the Chiristian Churches