Message from Billy Ray Jenkins in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-26 03:46:12 UTC  

Anyone able to tell me about that symbol?

2017-08-26 03:46:23 UTC  

looks like freemasons

2017-08-26 03:46:28 UTC  

but it's not

2017-08-26 03:46:31 UTC  

@Swiss yea it's called texas 😏

2017-08-26 03:46:41 UTC  

but texas is solidly republican

2017-08-26 03:46:47 UTC  

surely there's plenty of white people there

2017-08-26 03:47:03 UTC  

Man shot in the nuts with tear gas does AMA and gets arrested for the shit he did that night:

2017-08-26 03:48:45 UTC  

@Swiss there are enough in the country to offset the pozzed city centers...for now

2017-08-26 03:49:00 UTC  

hm, never been to texas

2017-08-26 03:49:09 UTC  

are all texas cities like that?

2017-08-26 03:49:13 UTC  

dallas is mostly white, right?

2017-08-26 03:49:22 UTC  

No Texas is spic land

2017-08-26 03:49:32 UTC  

I live in San Antonio and it's 70% bean

2017-08-26 03:49:43 UTC  

Houston is the most diverse city in the country

2017-08-26 03:49:43 UTC  

i knew san antonio was

2017-08-26 03:49:57 UTC  

Ya but trust me

2017-08-26 03:50:00 UTC  

South Texas

2017-08-26 03:50:06 UTC  

Those girls pursue u

2017-08-26 03:50:08 UTC  

trust me

2017-08-26 03:50:42 UTC  

I mean in Texas it was like a coming of age for most white guys to screw a Mex

2017-08-26 03:50:44 UTC  

Dallas was 50.7% white in 2010, so it's a minority majority city now for sure

2017-08-26 03:50:49 UTC  

for years

2017-08-26 03:50:57 UTC  

So its kinda a thing

2017-08-26 03:51:06 UTC  

i mean yes its Race mixing but in T

2017-08-26 03:51:09 UTC  


2017-08-26 03:51:15 UTC  

its not the stigma as it would be with some

2017-08-26 03:51:30 UTC  

Like Ill admit it

2017-08-26 03:51:37 UTC  

Demi Lovato Id tear that shit up

2017-08-26 03:52:02 UTC  

The most diversity I've ever been with is a castizo tier spic, didn't even know she was spic

2017-08-26 03:52:11 UTC  

But I'm not Texan

2017-08-26 03:52:22 UTC  

Well im just saying in those Western States

2017-08-26 03:52:46 UTC  

This was in SF, I feel like I've done good evading the non-whites here

2017-08-26 03:53:06 UTC  

In Houston, you can go days without seeing a white person tbh.

2017-08-26 03:53:07 UTC  

Yuge San Fran?

2017-08-26 03:53:12 UTC  


2017-08-26 03:53:22 UTC  

Houston its like all Niggers

2017-08-26 03:53:25 UTC  

or Beaners

2017-08-26 03:53:48 UTC  

Found me a good huwhyte grille and we're leaving within a few months. The poz coaster is coming to an end

2017-08-26 03:53:51 UTC  

Hopefully they all get washed away after this weekend

2017-08-26 03:54:23 UTC  

More down powerlines