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2017-08-26 05:11:46 UTC  

like i said its all visuals

2017-08-26 05:11:47 UTC  

I agree

2017-08-26 05:11:52 UTC  

thats the problem

2017-08-26 05:12:04 UTC  

The problem our side has is that they can make her a sympathetic figure

2017-08-26 05:12:11 UTC  

a tattooed head to toe freak not as much

2017-08-26 05:12:26 UTC  

look at that monster

2017-08-26 05:12:42 UTC  

All these people the left says we're supposed to feel compassion for because of how they died are trash. Heyer was over weight and a race mixer, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were violent felons, Matthew Shepard had AIDS. All these so called "hate victims" are trash and the world is better with them gone. Under their own lifestyles, they would have all died decades before their natural time because of the high risk they assume for their degeneracy.

2017-08-26 05:12:55 UTC  

The kikes only put her dating profile pic up

2017-08-26 05:12:56 UTC  

Nuck I agree

2017-08-26 05:13:07 UTC  

but again the problem is visuals

2017-08-26 05:13:21 UTC  

The Left got what they wanted unfortunately someone who desnt look threatening

2017-08-26 05:13:30 UTC  

Take that visual

2017-08-26 05:13:35 UTC  

Had it been some pierced tattooed freak it would have been better for us

2017-08-26 05:13:44 UTC  

but like i said shes as bad as any of them or worse

2017-08-26 05:13:47 UTC  

we know that

2017-08-26 05:13:56 UTC  

but the probl is the media can use her image better

2017-08-26 05:14:18 UTC  

here's another visual of the satanic whore

2017-08-26 05:14:50 UTC  

Yeah, the jewish media is always gonna do its thing in these cases, the rubes eat it up

2017-08-26 05:15:06 UTC  

Ya but itd be harder if someone had giant gauges in their ears

2017-08-26 05:15:08 UTC  

and tats

2017-08-26 05:15:13 UTC  

@Billy Ray Jenkins the kikes used baby pics of trayvon and they blacked pics of Zimmerman. They LIE

2017-08-26 05:15:17 UTC  

Yes i know

2017-08-26 05:15:30 UTC  

And they edited the 9-11 tape on NBC

2017-08-26 05:15:35 UTC  

The sad part is the more somewhat normal the person looks the easier it is for them to screw with

2017-08-26 05:15:37 UTC  

Share these gifs

2017-08-26 05:16:02 UTC  

Yeah, but normies are actually on our side

2017-08-26 05:16:02 UTC

2017-08-26 05:16:26 UTC  

The left are freaks, disgusting animals

2017-08-26 05:16:42 UTC  

Yep, just look at those pics from Evergreen

2017-08-26 05:16:44 UTC  

I mean i know what struggling with weights like its hell especially if you are on medications that screw up your endocrine system

2017-08-26 05:16:54 UTC  

Heather should have prob got the bypass

2017-08-26 05:17:22 UTC  

Nah, she hated herself and that sin created hate for her own people

2017-08-26 05:17:49 UTC  

Anon u know what ive always been amazed about soliders and marines

2017-08-26 05:18:01 UTC  

She didn't "struggle", she lied to herself and everyone. She's a tool of the deceiver

2017-08-26 05:18:01 UTC  

They can be ripped to hell and smoke cigs and because

2017-08-26 05:18:04 UTC  

Weight is different in a man's case IMO. Especially if the man is older. She was a young woman, she has much less of an excuse to be that disgusting

2017-08-26 05:18:07 UTC  

they are in good shape it dont affect them

2017-08-26 05:18:32 UTC  

She didn't have children

2017-08-26 05:18:35 UTC  

No excuse

2017-08-26 05:18:59 UTC  

This isn't a weight issue, it's a spirit issue

2017-08-26 05:19:13 UTC