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2017-08-27 14:45:57 UTC  

Steve, I knwo you are an agent provoceteur

2017-08-27 14:46:03 UTC  

But if we controlled google and facebook they'd be Nationalized and not capitalistic

2017-08-27 14:46:12 UTC  

No, I just don't like many aspects of Hitlerism

2017-08-27 14:46:15 UTC  

.Did you ANTIFA handler tell you that

2017-08-27 14:46:19 UTC  

That's something I've never really heard of

2017-08-27 14:46:19 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:46:21 UTC  

shut up faggot

2017-08-27 14:46:23 UTC  

At least put into those terms

2017-08-27 14:46:37 UTC  

It's not his antifa handler

2017-08-27 14:46:43 UTC  

Does anyone know Steve, he is new to me. (if im wrong sorry)

2017-08-27 14:46:46 UTC  

I understand that Hitler redirected a lot of the German industrial base toward military build-up since confrontation with the Bolsheviks was inevitable

2017-08-27 14:46:47 UTC  

It's a Jewish handler

2017-08-27 14:46:48 UTC  

lol dude

2017-08-27 14:46:50 UTC  

No matter how shitty any of your ideas are, I'd still agree with you guys over some shitlib any day. Feels good to argue semantics

2017-08-27 14:46:50 UTC  

I'm Dresden

2017-08-27 14:47:01 UTC  

I've been on the Brit server for months

2017-08-27 14:47:23 UTC  

The Brit server is cancer

2017-08-27 14:47:33 UTC  

I speak as someone who was in it

2017-08-27 14:47:34 UTC  

But as far as I know the German people maintained a high standard of living and relative economic prosperity compared to the rest of the world due to Hitler's economic policies

2017-08-27 14:47:44 UTC  

<:Tipping:327540291664084992> Brit server

2017-08-27 14:47:44 UTC  

Literally nothing happens on there

2017-08-27 14:47:46 UTC  

YEah, the brit server is cancer. Too many NatSocs

2017-08-27 14:47:48 UTC  

I don't even care what form of government we have as long as it's ethno nationalist even generally white nationalist

2017-08-27 14:47:57 UTC  
2017-08-27 14:47:59 UTC  
2017-08-27 14:48:07 UTC  

This guy has such a boner for NatSocs

2017-08-27 14:48:13 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:48:17 UTC  

I just like Fascist aesthetics and the philosophy

2017-08-27 14:48:28 UTC  

They are mostly teenagers judging others before allowing them into their tree houses

2017-08-27 14:48:33 UTC  

Hey Elle, how'd you get on the TRS server?

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2017-08-27 14:48:55 UTC  

Hi CTK, long time no see btw. I hope you are doing well.

2017-08-27 14:48:57 UTC  

Third Reich aesthetics was awesome

2017-08-27 14:48:58 UTC  

I find it hard to believe that we'd have the ethnostate that we want without NS

2017-08-27 14:49:02 UTC  

If Steve is Dresden, he's not a shill

2017-08-27 14:49:12 UTC  

Just gonna say that now

2017-08-27 14:49:16 UTC  

Why call me a shill just for disagreeing with NS?

2017-08-27 14:49:16 UTC  

Steve 'High Horse' Miller

2017-08-27 14:49:22 UTC  

That's just pathetic

2017-08-27 14:49:39 UTC  

I want what you guys want

2017-08-27 14:49:43 UTC  

Muh basement dweller NS